Apple Expands its Undermining of Publishers and App Developers; New Actions Will Reduce Diversity of Content, Products and Services, Burden Consumers

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Apple Expands its Undermining of Publishers and App Developers; New Actions Will Reduce Diversity of Content, Products and Services, Burden Consumers

WASHINGTON (June 24, 2020) - Apple made several announcements at its developers conference this week that expand the company’s policies that threaten the economic health of publishers and app developers. These initiatives could significantly impact the online advertising industry and the content, products, and services it supports. The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) look forward to learning more details to understand the full impact of the announced changes but, at first glance, Apple’s actions appear to continue a damaging pattern that began with its Safari web browser and will now extend to its mobile app ecosystem.

“Apple’s ongoing changes to its Safari web browser under the banner of privacy have reduced revenue for website publishers, limiting their ability to invest in content and innovation,” said Dan Jaffe, Group Executive Vice President of Government Relations for ANA. “This week’s announcements will similarly harm publishers and developers of mobile apps as personalization, measurement, and other fundamental capabilities that marketers require to reach consumers cease to function.

“Advertising revenue funds vital news gathering and reporting and supports the development of innovative products and services,” said Alison Pepper, Executive Vice President of Government Relations for 4A’s. “Cutting off this critical income stream for mobile app publishers and developers will hurt an already struggling news industry and countless small businesses and developers who will be forced to find new sources of revenue to fund their operations in order to survive. Apple’s actions would further entrench its own power at the expense of app developers, publishers, and others who depend on advertising to serve their customers.”

“ANA and the 4A’s support efforts to protect consumer data from abuse or misuse while preserving the benefits that come from the responsible use of data. We believe that enacting a comprehensive federal law consistent with the framework proposed by the Privacy for America coalition is the best way to make progress on this issue,” said Jaffe. “These issues have broad societal implications that are best debated by Congress or developed in cooperation with others in the industry rather than unilaterally imposed by a single large company.”

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