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ANA Applauds Passage of Postal Reform Bill 2022

Washington, DC - The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) applauds the passage of the Postal Reform Act of 2022, designed to make the United States Postal Service’s operations more financially stable and sustainable.

The bill passed the United States House of Representatives in February and passed the United States Senate on March 8 with a bipartisan vote of 79-19. The bill is expected to be signed into law by President Biden in the coming days.

ANA has joined other mailing industry leaders to advocate for legislation to address major challenges facing the Postal Service such as, declining mail volume growth, financial obligations, and ongoing operational challenges. Today’s passage of the Postal Reform Act is a good first step in accomplishing the legislative reforms needed to set the USPS on the path to sustainability.

The bill contains provisions that are designed to help the USPS’s finances and secure its future such as, shifting future retiree health benefit obligations to Medicare, and ensuring 6 days per week mail delivery.
The USPS is on track to raise rates on mailers twice in 2022 and the retiree health obligation has been one of the main drivers of these rate increases. If the bill is enacted, it will help offset a portion of the postal rate increases for mailers anticipated this July, and a second increase a few months later.

“We are pleased that the House and Senate have voted in favor of the Postal Reform Act of 2022, and we anticipate President Biden’s signature shortly to make this important bill a reality to help make the USPS stronger for years to come,” said Christopher Oswald, Executive Vice President and head of ANA Government Affairs. “We thank our members and the mailing industry leaders for their ongoing support and advocacy for this important legislation. We anticipate it will help harness a portion of the future rate increases that were a result of the retiree health obligations and hurt the USPS’s balance sheet. We will continue to work with Congress and the industry on postal reform solutions in the coming years since mail continues to be an important marketing channel for ANA member companies and nonprofits.”