IBA Data Compliance Checklist | ANA

IBA Data Compliance Checklist

  1. Notice Requirements for All IBA Data Collection:Do you collect data for IBA (interest-based advertising) purposes on your own website (even if you serve as a third party for others)? If so, you should provide an enhanced link/footer that links visitors directly to the notice, opt-out and adherence to IBA principles and choice.
    • Please note that if there are third parties that are collecting data on your website for IBA purposes then you should disclose this to consumers and let them know how they can opt-out OR you should prevent such third parties from collecting IBA data from your website.
    • You can allow 3rd parties to collect on your site for the following purposes without needing an enhanced notice and link – these purposes are not considered IBA:
      • Conversion tracking;
      • Analytics;
      • Research; and
      • Used for internal site issues; can’t be shared across browsers with others.
  2. Enhanced Notice Requirements:Is there an enhanced notice/link on the company’s website?
    • There should be an enhanced link on every page that IBA is collected. One way to meet this compliance is to provide a footer that links to either a separate notice/opt-out on IBA conducted on your own website OR to a specific section of your privacy policy that covers IBA notice/opt-out.
    • Some sample footers: “Ad Choice and Opt-out” “Your Ad Choices and Cookie Policy” “Ad Privacy Info” and can also include:
    • This footer should take consumers directly to your company’s notice and opt-out regarding interest-based advertising that is collected on your company’s own website.

      Some Tips:
      • Do not link your footer directly to DAA’s opt-out page.
      • Do not link the footer to automatically opt-out the consumer from IBA.
      • Do link to IBA notice, adherence of IBA principles and opt-out (adherence to IBA principles, explanation of IBA on company’s website and how consumer can opt-out).
      • Do link opt-out in notice to direct consumers to DAA’s website or other mechanism for opt-out: For instance, http://www.youradchoices.com/control
      • Do include a statement that you adhere to DAA’s IBA principles. Sample language:
        • “We aim to serve you ads that reflect your interest. However, we understand that some consumers do not wish to receive ads that are Interest-based and based on their browsing history. Please know that we respect your online marketing preferences and advertising experience. Company ABC adheres to the Interest-Based Advertising principles of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) of providing you enhanced notice, transparency and control of our digital marketing practices as stated at http://www.youradchoices.com/principles/.” OR
        • "As a participant of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), we adhere to DAA’s Interest-Based Advertising principles by providing you enhanced notice, transparency and control of our digital marketing practices as stated at http://www.youradchoices.com/principles/."