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ANA Ethics Review Committee

This is a peer-review Committee that is comprised of experienced marketers and ANA members who seek to advance marketing ethics and accountability:

  • Meets 4 times per year to review marketing offers and practices.
  • Committee meetings are confidential.
  • Reviews marketing promotions and practices to ensure its in compliance with our self-regulatory ethics guidelines.
  • Promotions and practices come to our attention via industry members, consumers, consumer groups, staff monitoring.
  • Works with companies (members and nonmembers) toward educating and, if needed, correcting or stopping questionable practices to solve consumer issues and build trust in the process.
  • Cooperation is voluntary, and we have found that most companies work with the Committee and seek to improve their marketing practices.
  • If there is no cooperation, Committee may take the following actions:
    • Refer the matter to the appropriate regulators: Federal Trade Commission, U.S. Postal Inspection Service and/or State Attorney General’s Office
    • Include matter in ANA Ethics Compliance Report and/or
    • Publicly list for being out-of-compliance.

If you’re an ANA member and are interested in serving on this Committee, or have a question regarding a marketing practice or offer, please contact ANA accountability staff.