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Mastering Human Storytelling for Brands With Intel

Human storytelling is a powerful tool for brands seeking to connect with their audience on a deeper and more emotional level. It goes beyond mere product features or services, delving into the narrative realm to create a compelling and relatable brand identity. By weaving a story that resonates with human experiences, values, and aspirations, brands can establish a genuine connection with their target audience.

Ultimately, human storytelling for brands transcends traditional marketing approaches, tapping into the emotional intelligence of consumers. By understanding and addressing the human experience, brands can foster a sense of community, loyalty, and resonance, building lasting relationships that extend beyond transactional interactions.

George Olexa
Senior Director of Brand Marketing, Creative & Media

Five Emerging Trends in Contemporary Business and Culture

Every year, Accenture examines shifts in the interplay between people and the layers through which they interact with the world — be it business, technology or changes in society. Between people and life, there are layers that mediate their interactions, influencing their thoughts, feelings and actions. The undeniable fragility in people's relationship with these influences has never been clearer, as they're changing. It's throwing society into a state of flux and people are deconstructing everything that was once a given. Drawn from their Accenture Life Trends 2024 report, Mark Curtis share the five trends which explore the decline of customer obsession, the influence of generative AI, the stagnation of creativity, the balance of tech benefits and burden, and people's new life goals.  Our presenter will guide you in navigating this evolving landscape.

Mark Curtis
Head of Innovation and Thought Leadership
Accenture Song

The Future Less Traveled: Dentsu Creative’s 2024 Trends

Drawing on the collective research and insights of strategists, futurists, and innovators, a new report from Dentsu Creative articulated five trends in creativity for marketers in 2024.

Jamie Shuttleworth
Chief Strategy Officer
Dentsu Creative

Keely Adler
Dentsu Creative

Dove’s 10 Tips for Practicing Brand Purpose

Dove shared an array of recommendations for other brands seeking to emulate it in its admirable work on behalf of a valuable brand purpose.

Kathryn Fernandez
Senior Director, Dove Purpose and Engagement, North America

Creative Agility: The In-House Agency Difference

In-house agencies are the essential centers of excellence in the marketing organization that can deliver at the speed of culture. It is this "creative agility" that sets in-house agencies apart; the ability to not only execute quickly but with creativity that makes a significant impact. This is the guiding principle behind The Kitchen, Kraft Heinz's in-house agency. Hear from Tom Evans, head of The Kitchen, on how he motivates his team to balance speed with substance to create award-winning work.

Tom Evans
Head of The Kitchen
Kraft Heinz


An Example of How to Represent Women in Advertising

Bonnie Brannigan, VP of retail marketing and leader of Kalmbach Feeds' in-house marketing team, together with Yatisha Forde, senior director of insights, thought leadership and measurement at SeeHer, shared the story behind the award-winning "Feed Your Dreams" campaign and why it stands out as an exemplary case study for its representation of women in advertising in front of and behind the camera.

Bonnie Brannigan
VP of Retail Marketing
Kalmbach Feeds

Yatisha Forde
Senior Director of Insights, Thought eadership, and Measurement

How Co-Creation Can Drive Growth, Delight Consumers, and Benefit Our Planet

As HP's Global Head of Brands, Agencies, and Sustainability Innovation, Jose "Pepe" Gorbea humanizes digital packaging technology by educating and inspiring brands with a human-centric communication framework around personalization and sustainability storytelling, which empowers marketers to innovate, drive penetration, build distinctive assets and grow ROI via co-creation.

Jose "Pepe" Gorbea
Global Head of Brands, Agencies, and Sustainability Innovation
HP, Inc.

Women in B2B Marketing: Inclusive Marketing and Unpacking That Barbie Monologue

The evolution of B2B buying behavior, marked by 1) rising expectations that companies be good employers and corporate citizens and 2) a demand for personalization, underscores the increasing importance of incorporating inclusivity into marketing strategies. In this session, a panel of marketing experts shared practical insights and strategies for embracing diversity, promoting authenticity, and fostering inclusivity in marketing campaigns. They also delved into key takeaways from that iconic Barbie speech, discussing its implications for brands, advertisers, and marketers.

Moderator: Ann Marie Gothard
Vice President, Global Corporate Media Relations
Henry Schein

Roopa Maniktala
Marketing Program Director, Field Marketing

Lynn Teo
Northwestern Mutual

Building Brand Growth with Diverse Creators

Soyoung Kang, CMO at eos, described how her beauty and skin care brand's social media strategy has benefitted from diversity.

Soyoung Kang

Be Bold, Be Brilliant, Be You

Get in gear to accelerate your career! At the American Heart Association, Katrina McGhee is responsible for storytelling, media outreach, community programs, marketing campaigns, and numerous other approaches focused on equitable health and longer, healthier lives for all. Her reputation for leading with enthusiasm and energy shines through as host of the award winning Live Fierce podcast and in her best-selling book, BE BOLD BE BRILLIANT BE YOU: Lessons from the C-Suite to Accelerate Your Career. She shared lessons from her esteemed marketing career to help students find their own paths in making an impact in the world.

Katrina McGhee
Executive Vice President, Marketing and Communications
American Heart Association

Recognizing Chosen Names in the Trans Community

Through its "Chosen Name" initiative, Citi aimed to make debit and credit cards more inclusive by allowing trans and non-binary people to seamlessly update the name that appears on their bank cards. The brand shared how it worked with Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, the first trans woman to win a Golden Globe, to promote the initiative.

Nikki Darden
Head of internal brand and global integration

Justin McCoy
VP of DEI strategy and marketing

Corona's "Native Sportscasters” How to Democratize Soccer Matches for Indigenous Communities

In this webinar, Yune Aranguren, Corona's Brand Director in Mexico, discussed "Native Sportscasters," a soccer platform developed for people whose native tongue were various indigenous languages. The brand set itself to bring soccer matches to fans in their original tongues, such as Maya, Zapoteca, Mixe, and Nahuatl — an innovative way to democratize soccer access to all Mexican fans.

Yune Aranguren
Brand Director

Mobilizing Purpose-Driven Thinking: Google Pixel’s Real Tone

Adrienne Hayes, VP of marketing, global devices, and services at Google, discussed her brand's efforts to make camera and image technology more equitable for people with darker skin.

Adrienne Hayes
VP of marketing, global devices, and services

Merging Purpose-Driven Marketing with Gen Z DNA

Gen Z, renowned as the most eclectic generation, resonates profoundly with marketing and communications that are aligned with their purpose. This demands a fusion of integrated marketing communications strategies with Gen Z's digital habits, environmental consciousness, unique cultural affiliations, and preferences. Lenovo's efforts, which include a Product Diversity Office and campaigns such as Work for Humankind, demonstrate our pledge to sustainability and inclusion—critical aspects of the Gen Z ethos. In this session, take a look at how impact is measured and the path forward.

Emily Ketchen
VP and CMO of Intelligent Devices Group and International Markets

HP Agency Supplier Diversity Sourcing Journey – A Marketing and Procurement Partnership

Hewlett-Packard was one of the original supporters of the U.S government’s Supplier Diversity efforts which started in 1968. That same determination for equal opportunity exists today and is central to HP’s 2030 vision of becoming the world’s most sustainable and just technology company. Embracing diversity to fuel innovation, in 2020, HP created the Racial Equality & Social Justice Task Force, a board directed initiative to drive measurable, sustainable impact in racial equality and social justice through its people, industry and government focused activity. This includes an aggressive effort to recruit and retain Black/African American suppliers to HP. Tara J. Agen, former Global Head and VP, Marketing Effectiveness, Operations, MarTech at HP, will explain how this company-wide mission extends to Marketing supplier diversity, the internal and external DEI factors considered when identifying new Agency suppliers, and how this effort has succeeded thanks to a strong partnership with Global Indirect Procurement, Finance/CFO as well as CEO and executive leadership team accountability to the HP Board of Directors.

Tara Agen
former Global Head and VP, Marketing Effectiveness, Strategic Planning, Operations

Building a Multicultural and Inclusive Brand Marketing Strategy

Lanae Jackson, senior manager of multicultural marketing at Nissan, outlined the role of measurement in a successful multicultural marketing strategy. Lanae discussed the metrics, points of analysis, and insights that fuel Nissan's multicultural-driven goals.

Lanae Jackson
senior manager of multicultural marketing

Driving Brand Growth Through Cultural Effectiveness Measures

As recently as 2016, business leaders were telling the Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) that they could not invest more in cultural marketing because there was no proof that it made a difference in ROI. It was for this reason that, in 2019, AIMM created the Cultural Insights Impact Measure (CIIM), which evaluates the inclusion of cultural relevance in campaigns for its impact on ad effectiveness and, specifically, sales purchase intent.

Representatives from AIMM took the stage at the 2022 ANA Multicultural and Diversity Conference to share how the CIIM tool works and insights that prove the power of infusing cultural relevance into advertising. They were joined by Clary Leffel, associate vice president of integrated marketing strategy and marketing operations at CarMax, who provided examples of how her brand has used cultural relevance insights to target various demographics and strengthen the business's bottom line.

Carlos Santiago
Co-Founder, Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM),
Co-Architect, CIIM, and
Chief Strategist, SSG Solutions

Karla Lucia
Executive Director
Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM)

Clary Leffel
AVP Integrated Marketing Strategy and Marketing Operations


How To Create an Investor Mindset Culture at Your Business

Nicole Kane, VP of media and marketing transformation at Bimbo Bakeries USA, discussed the importance of having an organizational culture led by an investor mindset. She shared how her brand has leveraged Learning Labs to develop this mindset, transform its marketing, and cultivate buy-in from executives — ultimately shifting the perception of marketing away from a cost center and to a profitable growth engine.

Nicole Kane
VP of Media and Marketing Transformation
Bimbo Bakeries USA

How Puma Achieved Buy-in for Its First-Ever Data Analytics Team

Hermann Hassenstein, senior head of marketing operations for global marketing at PUMA, shared his approach for successfully building out the brand's first-ever data analytics team. He covered some of the hurdles he faced and solutions for overcoming those hurdles, including a look at specific use cases that helped his team build trust and credibility across the organization.

Hermann Hassenstein
Senior Head of Marketing Operations for Global Marketing

Six Tips for a Brand Transformation Led by Marketing Operations

Two years ago, AT&T adopted a new brand purpose: connecting people to greater possibility with expertise, simplicity, and inspiration. With this new purpose as the brand's North Star, AT&T had to reevaluate every aspect of its business, including whether its marketing efforts were reflecting the brand purpose or not. The answer, the brand found, was a resounding ""no."" Instead, AT&T saw a marketing practice that needed to evolve, becoming more insight- and customer-led. To power this transformation, the brand established a marketing operations program.

The program was led by Janna Ducich, SVP of marketing planning and operations at AT&T. During the ANA's Marketing Operations Day, Ducich gave an inside look at how her marketing operations team led the brand transformation at AT&T, sharing six tips she learned along the way.

Janna Ducich
SVP of Marketing Planning and Operations


Navigating the Customer Information and Privacy Landscape in Marketing

The Future Is Creative: Analytical Approaches To Maximizing Creative Impact

As various technical and policy limitations further restrict the ability for digital marketing to have cross-channel, high-resolution identity solutions, the subsequent loss in efficiency must be counterbalanced by a gain in effectiveness – specifically, creative effectiveness. This discussion will focus on the various ways to plan, experiment, and effectively measure the impact of ads creative on digital platforms to drive greater value for your organization.

Kyle Shank
Director of Media Technology, Analytics, and Operations
The Hershey Company

Ally Financial’s Excellence in Marketing Analytics Growth

To measure the effects of its spend, Ally Financial teamed up with TransUnion and the MMA to conduct a unique study of brand as performance, which included field experiments, multi-touch attribution (MTA), marketing mix modeling (MMM), and more.

Michelle Alfano
Senior Director of Digital Marketing
Ally Financial

How Adobe Gets to the Heart of AI

Adweek's 2023 B2B Innovation Award Winner Heather Freeland, chief brand officer at Adobe, discussed creativity, reaching a B2B consumer, and generative AI. Recognized as Visionary of the Year, Freeland rebuilt Adobe's B2B Marketing, matching AI's innovative pace while finding a human message.

Heather Freeland
Chief Brand Officer

What Makes a Great Email Marketer?

In this video, Oracle Marketing Consulting's Chad S. White shared a framework for gaining the skills necessary to be an effective email specialist or the head of an email marketing program. He highlighted the skills email marketers need to develop most to succeed in the industry in the years ahead.

Chad S. White/strong>
Head of research
Oracle Marketing Consulting

Those Words, But Not Those Words

Trovon Williams, SVP of marketing and communications at the NAACP, shared how brands can strengthen their identity and better communicate to people by establishing a consistent and unique voice, identifying a target audience, and soliciting feedback from consumers.

Trovon Williams/strong>
SVP of marketing and communications

Optimizing Your Programmatic Media Investments – SAVE BIG!

The ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study delves deep into the dynamic world of open web programmatic advertising, with a keen focus on a pivotal issue: transparency. The key conclusion – about one-quarter of programmatic spend is wasted. The report covers issues including: the optimal number of websites for a campaign, Made for Advertising websites, the benefit of inclusion lists, direct supply chain contracts, SSP optimization, having too much focus on cost (rather than value), log-level data, sustainability, and more. This session will discuss the recommended action steps to help optimize investment in programmatic media, resulting in a greater percentage of every ad dollar reaching the consumer.

Julie Weitzner/strong>
SVP, Brand & Media

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