The Nonprofit Journal

  • Making Diversity a Priority

    The Nonprofit Journal   February 12, 2020  

    The nonprofit sector has been talking about diversity matters for years, yet little progress has been made. Learn how ALSAC, Special Olympics, and the YMCA of the USA are moving toward diversity, inclusion, and equity.

  • Marketing’s Call to Action

    The Nonprofit Journal   February 11, 2020  

    Research conducted by the ANA Educational Foundation found that outstanding entry-level professionals simply don’t find the idea of marketing very sexy. It’s a challenge of growing importance at nonprofit organizations.

  • Finding Purpose

    The Nonprofit Journal   February 10, 2020  

    Working for a nonprofit isn’t for everyone, but it can be a deeply rewarding experience. Nonprofit leaders from Ducks Unlimited, the Metropolitan Opera, United Farm Workers of America, and the Smithsonian Institution share what attracted them to the industry and keeps them inspired.

  • Solving the Talent Conundrum

    The Nonprofit Journal   February 9, 2020  

    When it comes to recruiting new employees, retaining existing ones, and succession planning, nonprofits need to step up their game. Here’s how Boys Town, the Deborah Hospital Foundation, and the Association of the Miraculous Medal are doing just that.