Digital Transformation

In the span of one decade, digital media has completely changed the way customers act, and as a result, the way brands do business.

  • Inflation Shouldn’t Deflate Success: How Brands Can Deal with Rising Prices

    Pulse   February 16, 2022  

    The world is seeing price inflation on a scale that hasn’t been experienced in 40 years. While brands may be tempted to resort to their old playbooks by raising prices, cutting margins, or sacrificing quality, the amount of data and visibility that brands experience now can help manage these difficult times. Nuanced information about markets, consumers, and suppliers allow marketers to choose where and when to change prices or margins, and provide an opportunity to optimize their promotions around the products most affected. The resources below provide insight into how consumers are dealing with inflation, and how brands can positively respond.

  • Marketing to Generation Alpha, the Newest and Youngest Cohort

    Pulse   January 13, 2022  

    The new kids on the block are generation Alpha, kids born after 2010 to predominantly Millennial parents. Following their gen Z predecessor’s footsteps, they are already heavily immersed within the digital world and were born with screens all around them. The resources here discuss some of the ways CX will evolve in 2022.

  • Let’s Talk About CX: Trends in Customer Experience for 2022

    Pulse   December 17, 2021  

    Last month's Pulse discussed Customer Data Platforms to manage the myriad data marketers will need to collect post-cookie. It begs the question, though: If you can't deliver an exceptional customer experience in a highly competitive world, will you even need a CDP? If you can't delight your customers, then the rest is moot; the keys to all success across a marketing organization start and end with the end-user: the consumer. The resources here discuss some of the ways CX will evolve in 2022.

  • Building a Culture of Innovation

    Forward   November 30, 2021  

    Successful leaders understand that a culture of innovation is built on strong teams. Here, corporate leaders from Pfizer, Blue Shield California, Johnson Controls, BECU, and Webex provide insight into what it takes to build those teams and inspire real change.

  • A Customer Data Platform to Rule Them All: How Marketers Can Manage Data Using a CDP

    Pulse   November 29, 2021  

    With the eventual and final phase out of the third-party cookie, marketers will need to rely on the data they can collect directly from consumers. This first- and -zero-party data will come from a multitude of sources and, if not managed properly, can end up as a disorganized, in-actionable mess.

  • There's Less and Less Daylight Between CMOs and CIOs

    ANA Magazine   November 5, 2021  

    When CMOs and CIOs collaborate the results include more engaged customers and healthier returns from marketing technology investments. However, without both sides first agreeing on governing principles, merging marketing and IT teams may end up being a wasted exercise.

  • Transcending the Transaction: Resurrecting Customer Experience Post-COVID

    Industry Insights   September 19, 2021  

    Digital Experience and Marketing Technology Executive Shiva Mirhosseini shared her thoughts on how COVID-19 disrupted the health care industry, what organizations are doing to harness that disruption, and what it all means for marketers.

  • A Guide to Improving the ROI of Your Digital Customer Experience

    Knowledge Partners   September 3, 2021  

    Learn why digital transformation puts customer intent at the center of the user experience, creating an entire ecosystem that relies on a healthy mix of automation and personalization.

  • Digital Transformation: Building a Program for the Road Ahead

    Event Recaps   August 26, 2021  

    Speakers from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and RKD Group examined how digital transformation is crucial for building a successful fundraising program for the years ahead.

  • Digital Transformation in the Age of Disruption

    Session Videos   August 17, 2021  

    In this video, Jennifer Brink at Bloomin’ Brands discussed how data-driven decisioning and the right technology empowered the company to successfully transform and meet business goals during a turbulent landscape, and what best practices brands can carry into the rest of 2021 and beyond.

  • Freddie Mac Single-Family/Digital Transformation

    B2 Awards   August 12, 2021  

    Freddie Mac’s strategic objective was to reimagine the entire mortgage experience, end to end, with digital at the core, and provide increased opportunity for greater numbers of qualified individuals to realize the American dream of home ownership.

  • The Drum Digitally Transforms with Pandemic-Proof Online Festivals

    B2 Awards   August 12, 2021  

    By digitally transforming its entire live events division during the pandemic, The Drum, a leading global publisher for the marketing and media industries, secured pre-sold revenue and created a sustainable business model for the future.

  • 2RM B2B Marketing Guide: Digital Experience

    Knowledge Partners   August 9, 2021  

    In this guide, 2RM shares insight on how B2B companies are transforming the consumer experience in response to evolving customer behavior prompted by the pandemic.

  • The Digital Transformation of an Iconic Brand

    Session Videos   July 21, 2021  

    In this video, hear why Little Caesars evolved from creating content to creating conversations, and how that has had a significant impact on the business over the last 18 months.

  • Accelerated Digital Transformation

    Event Recaps   March 25, 2021  

    In this session, Qualified, a conversational marketing company, shares its hybrid approach to serving consumers by leveraging AI, personalization, and human interaction.

  • Google and Western Union: Driving Transformation Through Crisis

    Webinars   December 3, 2020  

    In this webinar, learn how one of the largest, most prominent financial institutions, Western Union, transformed their strategy during the pandemic to help more customers send and receive money when it mattered most.

  • Driving Digital Transformation at Spark44

    Event Recaps   October 16, 2019  

    After creating a successful joint agency model with Jaguar Land Rover, Spark44 had increased brand desirability and consideration. The next step was a digital transformation to expand growth and account for shifting business priorities.

  • Domino’s: From Bad Pizza to Machine Learning

    Event Recaps   September 19, 2019  

    Domino’s shared the story of its brand transformation and how embracing innovation led it to create its most recent campaign, “Points for Pies,” which leveraged AI and celebrated the love of pizza around the nation.

  • How Data and Technology Can Keep Marketers Relevant

    Event Recaps   September 12, 2019  

    SAS Institute explained how marketing teams can and should use data and technology to make us more efficient while still maintaining authentic human connection.

  • Mastering B2B Marketing in a Digital Age

    Event Recaps   May 30, 2019  

    Geoff Ramsey of eMarketer offered a deep dive into five important trends that are disrupting business marketing.


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