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Multicultural Marketing: Market Planning for a Dynamic America (Virtual Open Enrollment)

(Virtual Half Day Workshop)

Leveraging general marketing campaigns to plan and execute a successful and authentic multicultural campaign is both art and science – and many marketers feel underequipped to tackle the challenge well.

U.S. demographics are indeed changing and so is our view of multicultural (and cross-cultural) marketing. Marketers need to understand the key attributes and KPIs of a successful multicultural marketing brief and plan, in order to ensure their ads reach multicultural cohorts in an effective and authentic way. A good multicultural marketing plan can ensure your message strikes the right tone and drives customer loyalty.

In this virtual workshop, participants will learn how key KPIs, a good agency checklist, and a clear multicultural brief can make the difference between a successful multicultural marketing campaign and one that falls flat.

Target Audience
This workshop is for marketers working with an agency that want to build their brands and optimize marketing investments to produce compelling, authentic, and responsible advertising to their multi-cultural audience(s).

Virtual Workshop Benefits
As a result of the workshop, your team will be better able to:

Increase marketing efficiency by:

  • Knowing the right questions to ask your agency in order to develop an effective multicultural marketing campaign

Increase marketing effectiveness by:

  • Learning about multicultural America: demographics; psychographics; and best practices for reaching and engaging diverse consumer segments
  • Learning how to write a brief and/or understanding plan elements that supports multicultural consumers

Increase marketing ROI and fandom by:

  • Understanding how a cross-cultural consumer may require distinct efforts for more relevant resonance and engagement that lead to customer inclusion and brand fandom
  • Understanding how to improve critical KPIs (customer acquisition, return on ad spend) to drive more profitable and rewarding programs

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  • Lisa Lozano DePoy

    Lisa Lozano DePoy is a long-time marketing and advertising professional. She has a diverse background on both the Agency and Client side of advertising, in a broad range of industries and categories. Within every role and brand, Lisa spent her career working to gain a better and clearer understanding of different audiences and connecting unique insights to drive great work.