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The Neuroscience of Collaborative Communication (Virtual)

Using Influence to Accelerate Business Results
(Virtual Half Day Workshop)

Achieving business results in highly competitive and VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) environments demands that marketing professionals communicate across disparate markets, cultures, generations, and modalities. The Neuroscience of Collaborative Communication is a half-day workshop emphasizing the interpersonal aspects of leading, influencing, communicating, and collaborating with others when solving business problems.
This virtual workshops uses interactive discussions, polling, relevant exercises, and an optional thinking styles assessment to give participants the opportunity to engage with several communication and interpersonal processes designed to enhance collaboration, improve interaction, strengthen personal engagement, and achieve more effective and predictable results.

Target Audience
This workshop is designed for marketing professionals at all organizational levels who want to improve their productivity and the productivity of their teams through more collaborative communication. Concepts and principles are directly applied to and practiced in situations that align with team, workplace, and client challenges.

Virtual Workshop Benefits
This virtual workshop will improve individual and team performance and drive business growth by helping participants in the following ways:

  • This workshop helps attendees improve marketing effectiveness by recognizing that communication on a team or in client relationships depends as much on how humans think and process information as it depends on problem-solving skills.
  • This workshop helps attendees improve marketing ROI by uncovering biases and using a variety of communication tools to ensure information is understood completely and correctly while reducing miscommunication in a team.
  • This workshop helps attendees improve employee alignment and collaboration by implementing positive behaviors that create authentic, trust-based exchanges of information across cultures and environments.

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  • Joe Jordan

    Joe Jordan grows businesses and improves performance through better leadership, sales enablement, and critical thinking.