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AI Forum Meeting - Building Responsible AI Features and Exploring AI in Creativity & Content

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I. Welcome & Forum Overview (1:00PM-1:10PM EST)

II. Building Generative AI Features Responsibly (1:10PM – 1:30PM EST)

For most of Meta’s history, AI has been core to our company’s development and the advancements we’ve made that are powering innovation, cutting-edge research and new tools for creativity and connection. And we’re excited for our continued progress in AI in the near future.

Join Meta’s Maggie Burke, Director of Global Councils & Industry Initiatives and Brad Weltman, Director of Privacy & Public Policy at Meta as they provide an overview of the investments we’re making in AI and our commitment to responsible innovation. Attendees will come away with an understanding of immediate marketing applications and inspiring opportunities for the future.

Presented by: 
Maggie Burke
Global Director of Client Councils and Industry Initiatives

Brad Weltman
Director, Privacy and Public Policy

III. Roundtable Discussion with Q&A (1:30PM – 1:40PM EST)

IV. 5 Keys to Marketing AI Success (That Have Nothing to Do with Technology) (1:40 -2:00PM EST)

Artificial intelligence just might be a bigger marketing technology revolution than digital, mobile, and social combined. But if the tech is the only thing you’re focused on, you’ll never crack the code for achieving AI’s full potential. Join marketing transformation expert Greg Verdino to discover the five essential pillars for marketing AI success and gain practical, actionable tips for putting them in place to win with AI in 2024.

Presented by:
Greg Verdino
Founder & Principal Consultant

Greg Verdino is the founder of CognitivePath, a marketing AI consultancy. His 30+ year as a marketing innovator includes agency-side stints at Digitas, Wunderman and Saatchi & Saatchi, along with CMO and CRO roles at several technology startups. Since 2011, he has also been managing partner at VERDINO, a B2B brand strategy and content agency. Greg is the author of microMARKETING: Get Big Results by Thinking and Acting Small and the co-host of No Brainer: An AI Podcast for Marketers.

V. Roundtable Discussion with Q&A (2:00PM – 2:10PM EST)

VI. Generative AI in Creative & Content: Exploring the Art of the Possible (2:10PM – 2:30PM EST)

Generative AI is expanding, accelerating & automating the creative & content development process in ways Brand Marketers could never have imagined.  Join industry creative veteran Alan Schulman as he presents some of the compelling new ways in which Gen AI is changing everything from creative campaign ideation and creation to design, production,  and even optimization.

Presented by:
Alan Schulman, Co-Founder / Chief Experience Officer, UpperRight
Alan Schulman is Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer of UpperRight – the Customer Experience Consultancy.  One of the industry’s leading voices in digital creative and creative innovation, Schulman has served as Chief Creative Officer of Deloitte Digital, SapientNitro, & McCann-Erickson among others.  He has also served as an Instructor for the Cannes Lions Creative Academy, The ANA School of Marketing, and is a member of the Board of Directors of the American Marketing Association of NY. He is also the recent co-author of “Resurrecting Jimi Hendrix – the power of AI to expand consumer engagement through musical fan cultures” published last month by Management Business Review.

VII. Roundtable Discussion with Q&A (2:30PM – 2:40PM EST)

VIII. Closing Remarks, What's Next? (2:40PM-3:00PM EST)