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AI Forum Meeting - Transform, Grow and Stay Competitive with AI-Powered Marketing

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I. Welcome & Committee Overview 

Michael Donnelly - EVP - ANA

II. Transform, Grow and Stay Competitive with AI-Powered Marketing 

Currently, there is a critical shift from using AI for mere efficiency to leveraging it as a pivotal tool for securing a competitive advantage.

To achieve this transformative potential, organizations need a comprehensive understanding of the challenges marketers face in AI adoption, including tool selection, governance, data hygiene, and potential risks such as security issues, deepfakes, bias and data privacy concerns.

In this informative and interactive forum, we'll share best practices for identifying optimal use cases, establishing robust infrastructure and championing pilot projects to drive successful AI integration. You’ll also learn how Canva successfully used AI in marketing to achieve remarkable growth and customer engagement.

Presented by: 

Adam Kleinberg

Adam and his partners founded Traction in 2001 (in the spare bedroom of his apartment) on the principle that doing great work is easier with talented people you like and admire. Twenty great years of collaboration with some of the world's greatest brands have borne out that philosophy. 

Sunil Subhedar

Sunil is a marketing leader with a proven track record for solving complex challenges through cutting-edge technological innovation. He specializes in transforming organizations to deliver step change impact and has built award-winning teams, most recently at Uber and Canva.

III. Roundtable Discussion with Q&A 

IV. The Search Marketer’s AI

The integration of AI into search and search advertising represents a significant shift, offering both opportunities and challenges for brands. As search continues to evolve, staying informed about these changes and adapting strategies accordingly will be key for brands looking to effectively reach and engage their target audiences. Helping divine what you need and how you like it is a perpetual objective for brands as search continues to evolve, now with the help of AI. We'll discuss search and its economic model companion, search advertising.  

Presented by: 

Kevin Ryan

Kevin M. Ryan is the founder of Motivity Marketing. Kevin takes an active role in guiding the day-to-day strategic execution of client initiatives. Mr. Ryan is known throughout the world as an interactive marketing thought leader and is a popular speaker at interactive marketing events around the globe.  But it is his signature blend of thought leadership, strategic plan development and practical program execution that have earned him a peerless personal client base, a roster of marketing leaders who return to him year after year for support and collaboration. 

V. Roundtable Discussion with Q&A 

VI. Closing Remarks, What's Next? 

Michael Donnelly - EVP - ANA