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I. McDonald’s ComplexCon Activation: Project Connect Workshop-collaborating to find commonalities (9:45AM – 10:30AM)
In November 2018, McDonald’s engaged thousands of consumers through its participation in ComplexCon: The Cultural Superbowl that brings URL to IRL. McDonald’s created exclusive patches and vinyls that consumers utilized to customize their gear, including denim jackets, long sleeve T-shirts, jerseys, and backpacks through a collaboration with Creative influencers, Joe Freshgoods, Elise Swopes, and Richie Le in order to promote their Project Connect 4-part Video Series. Featuring "Project Connect Workshops," hear how McDonald’s brought the video series to life by highlighting creative diversity and collaboration and allowing a steady flow of consumers to cycle through the activation space to collectively collaborate on design and create their own custom pieces.

Jill Cassada, Manager- Cultural Experiences and Engagement, McDonald's
Jazmine Hasty, Experiential Lead, McDonald's Agency123
Crystal Reynolds, Senior Account Director, Walton Isaacson
Garlanda Freeze, Group Vice President, Walton Isaacson

II. Mike's HARDER Pop-Up Experience (10:30M – 11:15AM)
As part of our partnership with Deadpool 2, which included co-branded digital ads, limited edition co-branded cans and exclusive in-theatre content, mike's HARDER recreated Wade Wilson's favorite mercenary hangout from the film:  the iconic Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Girls through pop-up Experiences in New York City and Los Angeles. For three nights in each city, fans got to place their bets in the "Dead Pool," play on the iconic Sister Margaret's pool table, mingle with mercenaries, and sample exclusive HARDER-Deadpool 2 flavors. Learn about our execution and how the events resulted in 112MM media impressions and coverage in over 200 media articles, including top-tier outlets like Complex, Elite Daily and Mashable. 

Sarah Dabold, 
Senior Manager of Brand Experience, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co.

COFFEE BREAK (11:15AM – 11:30AM)

III. Purposeful Experiential Marketing that will not be "Forgotten" (11:30AM – 12:15PM)
Learn how the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence partnered with FCB Chicago and did what all the headlines and news coverage on the gun violence epidemic couldn't: It stopped people in their tracks and motivated them to take action. Starting with the "UNFORGOTTEN" campaign and recently culminating with TEDDY GUN, these experiential activations achieved new levels of awareness and engagement with over hundreds of millions of earned impressions and over 300 quality news stories. The ICHV-supported bill gained unprecedented momentum in the state legislature. They started a movement. Built communities. Changed legislation. Their social media outperformed the social and advocacy category by 1.6 times and it drove 54 percent of our web traffic. This is something you won't forget. 

Zachary Kieltyka,
 VP, Management Director, FCB
John Gruber,
Associate Board Chair and Communications Consultant

In this session we will discuss the latest methods of taking your brand directly to consumers and allowing them to experience products in a unique and unexpected way. ANA Experiential Committee members will also have an opportunity to network and discuss key issues such as Technology, Measurement and Social Engagement.

Mike Kaufman,
SVP, Brand Activation, ANA

IV. Session: Going for Broke: Inside National Geographic’s “Valley of the Boom”  (1:00PM - 1:45PM)
National Geographic’s acclaimed docuseries “Valley of the Boom” chronicles the mid-90’s tech boom, as told thru the rise and fall of three pioneering companies: Netscape, TheGlobe.com and Pixelon. Dennis Camlek, EVP Strategy & Consumer Marketing, will discuss the distinctive marketing campaign that captures the frenzy, drama (and humor) of a modern-day gold rush.

Dennis Camlek, EVP Strategy & Consumer Marketing, National Geographic Partners

V. Tour of McDonald's (1:15PM - 1:45PM)
As McDonald's returns to the West Loop, this state-of-the-art facility features the history of this iconic brand and showcases activations that resonate with consumers

VI. Closing Remarks (1:45PM - 2:00PM)

Mike Kaufman, SVP, Brand Activation, ANA