Relationship Marketing

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I. Leveraging Influence to Drive Customer Engagement (9:45am - 10:30am)
With the proliferation of social media marketing, brands have found themselves in a new frontier of consumer experience and relationship marketing. In this session, we’ll delve into how an iconic beauty/lifestyle brand and one of the world’s top retailers teamed up with trusted country music talent to expose consumers to a new in-store product launch. With a behind the scenes look, we’ll explore the customer’s journey from their first exposure to the product on social media to the aisles customers traversed to buy their tried and true products.
Ying Wu, Director, Marketing, Viacom Velocity

II. Using Customer Advocates to Grow Authenticity and Brand Trust (10:30am-11:15am)
In a world where customers are overwhelmed with options and uncertain of who to trust, they are turning to each other for advice and inspiration on what to buy. The world’s best brands are turning to their customer advocates to help build their brand and grow sales with authenticity and trust. In this session, Scott Paul, CEO & Founder of Wooly, will break down the realities of relationship marketing and the future of consumer-to-consumer commerce.
Scott Paul, Founder & CEO, Wooly

BREAK (11:15am-11:30am)

III. Using CRM Data to Enhance the Customer Journey (11:30pm-12:15pm)
As CPG customer experience programs grow and CRM and first-party data become table stakes, marketers must not only quantify the value they are delivering to their business, but also understand what activities are working best. Behavioral data is just the first step in CRM. Brands must learn how to link efforts to sales and maximize their impact on the consumer. In this session, IRI will highlight strategies from a CRM program executed by a leading household brand and focus on each step of the CRM campaign, from how to use data to map consumer engagement, to how innovative consumer-centric marketing practices delivered dollars back to the brand.
Jennifer Pelino, SVP, Omnichannel Media, IRI

LUNCH (12:15pm-1:15pm)