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II. MEMBER DISCUSSION (11:10 – 11:25 a.m.)
The remaining ties to linear TV are fraying as live sports, one of the last anchors to cable and broadcast TV for both advertisers and consumers, moves aggressively to streaming. Given this shift, what do we as advertisers need to be considering as we approach our broadcast Upfront investments and our overall channel mix. 

Discussion Leaders:
DJ Perera,
Chief Media Officer, The Ad Council
Julie Weitzner, SVP Brand & Media, ANA

III. How Ford Drove Engagement with Younger Consumers at TwitchCon (11:25 a.m. – 12:05 p.m.)
Gaming is an always-on cultural channel. To increase relevancy with younger consumers, Ford Motor Company collaborated with Full Squad Gaming, a digital media brand focusing on viral gaming content for YouTube and TikTok. Learn how Ford built out a mobile gaming studio inside a Transit Trail van to stream the Full Squad Gaming crew’s adventures.  Those experiences included a real life, off-grid Minecraft camp powered entirely by a Ford Lightning to learning how to off-road in Ford Bronco Raptor, the team leveraged TwitchCon to celebrate the completion of the road trip as well as amplify stories of the journey to Twitch viewers, 73% of whom agree advertising is important because it supports creators. Learn how this activation helped the automaker drive engagement with younger consumers through gaming, streaming, podcasting, experiential, and influencer strategies.

Kellee Montgomery
, Head of Global Media Partnerships, Ford Motor Company

IV. Key Findings From the Programmatic Media Transparency Study (12:05 - 12:15 p.m.)
In December 2023, the ANA released a landmark study on programmatic advertising. Using data from 21 brands with a total ad spend of $123 million, it found that only 36 cents of every dollar that enters a DSP effectively reaches the consumer. That means $22 billion in efficiency gains are available to client-side marketers. This brief session will discuss the recommended action steps marketers can take to help optimize their investment in programmatic media including the optimal number of websites for a campaign, the benefits of inclusion lists, SSP optimization, log-level data, and more.

Bill Duggan, Group Executive Vice President, ANA

V. Actionable Lessons From Kimberly-Clark, a Pioneer in Programmatic Technology In-Sourcing (12:15 – 1:00 p.m.)
Kimberly-Clark is leading the way on how to build a cleaner, more well-lit programmatic supply chain. In this session, Mairi Fogle, a key stakeholder in the ANA's Programmatic Media Transparency Study, will share an in-depth look behind the curtain how Kimberly-Clark embarked on a path to streamline, own, and optimize their technology relationships, affording them the opportunity to build stronger direct ties, more accurately prioritize meaningful KPIs, and most importantly, drive impactful business results.

Mairi Fogle
, Global Media Tech Product Owner, Kimberly-Clark Corporation