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I. Influence & Community: Connecting with Your Audience Through Shared Values (11:30 - 12:15 p.m. ET) 
In this session, MINI USA and their agency RQ will share their approach to influencer marketing that connects with target demographics by engaging the group's trusted leaders. In a world where consumers are making purchasing decisions based on values, they'll explore how leveraging influencers to message shared values sparks engagement.

Matthew Shukaitis, Digital Communications Manager, MINI USA  

Damien Cortese, VP of Client Strategy, RQ

Damien is the Vice President of Client Strategy at RQ, an independent brand marketing agency driven by Relationship Intelligence. At RQ Damien helps his brand partners move at the speed of culture, utilizing content and experiences to connect directly with their targeted cohorts. Damien has a history of creating impactful programs for Fortune 500 companies across content, digital, and brand experiences, and previously led the development of an internal consultancy and creative agency within T Brand Studio at The New York Times. An empathetic and motivating leader, Damien got his marketing experience coming up through WPP in NY where he worked on award winning content and brand campaigns for General Electric, Marriott, UnitedHealth Group, and American Express. In his past lives, Damien was a practicing litigation attorney in New York, and a corps member in Teach for America teaching in Brownsville, Brooklyn. He is also a proud Girl Dad. 

II. The Evolution of Lenovo’s Brand Ambassador Program (12:15 - 1:00 p.m. ET)
Learn how Lenovo's brand ambassador program has evolved beyond traditional marketing tactics and how it has become a powerful tool for engaging with their customers, reaching new audiences, and increasing brand awareness and loyalty. Discover the key elements and best practices for creating and managing a successful brand ambassador program, including how to identify the right ambassadors for your brand, providing them with the right resources and training, measuring their impact, and establishing a supportive community both internally and externally.

Hollyn Phelps, Global Advocacy Manager, Lenovo

As the head of influencer marketing at Lenovo, Hollyn Phelps is responsible for leading a comprehensive influencer marketing strategy that ensures centralization, governance, and alignment across all regions, markets, business units, and agencies. Additionally, Hollyn oversees Lenovo’s annual WW influencer program as well as manages a community of 100+ Lenovo super fans from around the world.