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This event is in-person only and no virtual option is available.

I. Breakfast & Registration (9:30-10am) 

II. Announcements & Introductions (10-10:25am)

IIIMaximizing a Viral Moment (10:25-11:05am)
Going viral on social is often a dream for brands. But what happens when a brand goes viral in a way that isn’t quite in line with the brand’s voice or communication pillars? In this session, learn how the Josh Cellars brand and agency team embraced viral memes on X and fan feedback across social media to shift its communication approach to attract a younger audience in a category struggling to recruit younger drinkers.

Dan Kleinman, Chief Brand Officer, Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits

IV. Unlocking Lower Funnel Success and the Power of Commerce on TikTok (11:05-11:45am)
TikTok is traditionally thought of as an upper funnel platform, but through scientifically-backed research, the Global & North America Research & Insights team has proven that TikTok can drive lower funnel outcomes for businesses of all types across many different campaign goals. Thanks to its ability to keep users engaged throughout the consumer journey, TikTok not only provides infinite opportunities to drive discovery and engagement, but also fuels conversions.

One of the solutions TikTok has for brands that helps drive lower funnel outcomes is TikTok Shop, and this session will hone in on how brands can maximize impact by showing up in a more "shoppable way" on TikTok. The research featured explores the closed-loop ecosystem, guiding advertisers on the benefits of adopting TikTok Shop and reasons to enhance their existing strategy with additional investment.

Natalie Schuler, Global & North America Research & Insights Partner, TikTok
Brendan Lacobelle, Global & North America Research & Insights Partner, TikTok

V. AI and the Evolution of Search: How Brands Can Adapt to a Transforming Landscape (11:45am-12:25pm) 
AI is impacting every facet of our lives and how we search is no exception. It’s very early days but we’re already starting to see the impact generative AI will have on how people search. Discover how to prepare your brand for the biggest shift since mobile as generative AI leads to new search trends just like smartphones led to an explosion in people searching for things “near me”. We’ll explore some of these early trends and what brands need to know to stay ahead in this rapidly changing environment.

Amos Ductan, SVP, Search, Razorfish

Speaker Bio:
Amos brings over 17 years of experience in digital marketing with a focus in paid search. As the National Lead for the Paid Search practice at Razorfish he is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the practice in addition to ensuring alignment with client objectives and industry trends. Amos recently moved from New York City to West Orange, New Jersey with his wife and two young children. He holds a B.A. from Yale University.

VI. Lunch (12:25pm-1:30pm) 
Join ANA members and our event speakers for lunch following the event.