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2024 HBCU Committee Meeting

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Welcome – LaTasha Emmanuel, ANA (4:05PM)

Intro to AEF & Setting the Stage – Vince Hudson, Meta (4:07PM) 

Join us as Vince sets the stage and take us through insights into the current state of black representation in marketing and advertising. Discover how our collective can help drive efforts for positive change

Igniting Inspiration & Building Momentum: Highlights from The 2024 Saint Augustine's You Might Be A Marketer Student Conference – Dr. Van Sapp, Saint Augustine University (4:17PM)

Listen to Dr. Van Sapp as he walks us through the 2024 You Might Be A Marketer Student Conference that took place in Raleigh. Be inspired by captivating stories and insights shared by industry leaders at the event, as we reflect on the power of collective knowledge and experiences

  • Panelists to Share
    • Andriena Coleman - Hearts & Science
    • Koren Townsend – Red Hat
    • LaTasha Emmanuel, ANA

Charting Our Journey: Progress Since Our Last Meeting – Vita Harris, FCB Worldwide (4:27PM)

Dive into our journey of growth and impact through an interactive showcase of our progress, and gain insight into key initiatives driving our success 

Future Horizon: Exciting Opportunities on What to Look Forward To – Eric Austin, P&G (4:37)

Get a sneak peek into the exciting opportunities and upcoming events that await us, and learn how you can be a part of shaping the future of marketing of our community

Younger Black Talent Within the Industry  – Vince Hudson, Meta (4:42PM)

Collaborative Conversations – Networking and Insights (4:46PM)

Engage in lively discussions and networking sessions designed to foster collaboration, share insights, and build meaningful connections within our community

Closing Remarks  Dr. Van Sapp, Saint Augustine University (4:58PM)