Influencer Marketing

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I. Update on ANA Influencer Marketing Measurement Guidelines (11:05 – 11:30AM ET)
This session will preview the ANA’s soon-to-be-released Influencer Marketing Measurement Guidelines. While measurement guidelines have been available for paid advertisers for almost a decade, organic influencer marketing has not had similar standardization. The lack of both consistency and transparency has limited organic influencer marketing’s value to marketers, hamstrung its growth, and obfuscated its true ROI. The  intention with these guidelines is to bring greater clarity and consistency to organic influencer marketing measurement for marketers.

Casey DePalma McCartney
, Senior Director, External Communications & Digital Engagement, Unilever
Leah Marshall
, Senior Director, Influencer Marketing, ANA


III. Drive Your Fun: How Honda Turned the Keys Over to Creators (11:50-12:15PM ET) 
Honda has a storied past of leveraging creators on their social channels for a wide array of executions leading to brand resonance. However, in order to launch the all-new 2022 Civic Sedan and target a Gen Z audience, the brand did something a little different. Learn all about the why, the how, and the approach to developing a campaign entirely made by content creators.

Allie Coulter, Social Media Marketing Manager, Honda
Jennifer Morand, President, Chicago Automobile Trade Association, General Manager, Chicago Auto Show

III. Introducing Influencers to Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals  (12:15-1:00PM ET)
A whole new set of challenges presents itself when you have a travel club made up of C-suite members. Who influences these types of members when they are used to being the influential ones themselves? Join Erin Silver, Director of Growth Marketing & Social Media at Exclusive Resorts, to learn how they approached this dilemma.

Erin Silver, Director of Growth Marketing & Social Media, Exclusive Resorts

Jennifer Morand

President, Chicago Automobile Trade Association

General Manager, Chicago Auto Show