Nonprofit Organizations

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  • Welcome & Intros - Committee Co-Chairs (5 minutes)

 Alissa Randall, CMO, Step Up For Students
• Laura Thornton, VP, Marketing & Engagement, Children International

  • End of the Year Fundraising & Marketing – Results thus far…the good, bad and ugly? (15 minutes, Laura leads discussion)
  • Public policy – Postal Regulatory Commission Decision: New Postal Rates Increases Loom – Senny Boone, SVP, ANA Nonprofit Federation (10 minutes)
  • Going Virtual: Peer to Peer events (including case studies): Katrina VanHuss, CEO Turnkey

Discussion Questions:
• What virtual events have you tried this year? What have you learned?
• (i.e. other peer to peer events, major donor town halls, galas?)
• Do you have anything planned for Q1?