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ANA Statement on State of the Union Address

The ANA's CEO, Bob Liodice, issued the following statement in response to President Joe Biden's State of the Union Address on Tuesday, February 7, 2023:

President Biden is absolutely correct that the time has come for strong national privacy legislation, and the ANA and our advertising industry peers look forward to rolling up our sleeves and working with his administration and Congress to craft a robust bipartisan plan.

In that effort, we must be sure we don't throw out the champagne with the cork. Interest-based advertising funds most popular apps, websites, and services, and businesses of every size depend on such ads to reach new customers and expand, so we should make sure that any legislation is designed to address specific consumer harms and not a general antipathy toward any use of data.

Through good-faith collaboration we can codify robust data protections for consumers while protecting valuable ad-supported content and services. Our common goal should be to stop harmful and unexpected data practices while allowing beneficial practices that drive innovation, growth, and consumer benefit.

John Wolfe
Director of Communications
Cell: 914.659.8663