Time for in-house talent to own the spotlight

In-House marketing and advertising has come a long way, from 58 percent penetration in 2013 to 78 percent penetration with ANA client-side marketer members in 2018.

Gone are the days when in-house marketing teams were only tapped for quick and inexpensive work. Today, in-house teams lead creative and media strategy, produce broadcast-quality commercials, and drive business results for their brands, among many other capabilities.

The ANA In-House Excellence Awards will feature nine categories to showcase the most creative, strategic and growth-driving marketing and advertising created by any type of in-house team dynamic.

Visit ANAINHOUSEAWARDS.ORG for full program details.

2021 Winners Have Been Announced!


Featured Categories

Branded Content

Original content created to support the marketing strategy of a brand that engaged, entertained or informed a target audience - whether to enhance brand positioning or to promote products or services – any creative content that wouldn’t be viewed as “advertising” is eligible, including - TV programming, films, documentaries, online video, games, print, articles, online and offline media, branded entertainment, social content, or other types of content, in any form.


Efforts that engaged with a target audience either live/in-person or through a virtual/on-demand experience. All types of interactive engagement are a fit for this category — exhibitions, trade shows, sales meetings, webinars, samplings, product demos, etc.  

Integrated Campaign

Campaigns that utilized three or more distinct media channels to engage a target audience with a single unified theme or message. Your submission should show how the integrated strategy brought the effort to life in a synergistic way that generated maximum impact.

Internal Communications

Communication initiatives that engage and inform employees providing understanding of company vision, goals, values, work culture and/or D&I initiatives.  All creative formats are eligible – video, print, email, websites, newsletters, magazines, direct mail, etc.

Social Media

Best use of social media to achieve marketing objectives. 

Socially Responsible

Entries in this category include all types of creative that directly address current social issues.  Efforts that were focused on making a positive impact on society by supporting a social cause, charity, or corporate responsibility program are eligible. All creative formats are acceptable – video, print, email, websites, digital, outdoor, direct mail, etc.

Special Showcase*

Best Collaborative Effort

Effective marketing is reflective of an effective team.  This award puts the spotlight on the best collaborative efforts involving in-house agencies and their external agencies.

Best Media Thinking

Securing just the right formula for when, where and how a target audience receives a creative message is critical – this category will showcase those in-house teams that knew how to develop their formula just right.  Entries in this category need to highlight the details of the media insight, the strategy and media plan that was implemented.

Significant Results

Entries in this category will need to demonstrate the effectiveness of the work and its positive contribution to building a brand and growth of the business. Providing facts and figures* (sales, market share, etc.), your submission should explain why the effort was successful based on effectiveness of the creative execution and its measurable objectives.

* Given the special focus of these categories, additional questions/assets in addition to the standard entry form will be required.

“In-house agencies are positioned to produce brand-defining work. Awards are a great way to recognize these efforts, and to showcase the breadth of creative and marketing talent now applying their skills on behalf of those brands.”

Jack Teuber, Creative Leader at PwC; ANA In-House Agency Committee Co-Chair

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