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ANA IQ is the quintessential online learning platform crafted exclusively for the marketing profession. It offers a flexible, modular, and self-guided curriculum that fits seamlessly into any marketer's schedule. With free, open access during key periods throughout the year, ANA IQ invites marketing professionals of all levels to engage with transformative content and expertise, fostering a global standard for strategic marketing excellence and innovation.

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How ANA IQ Works

Each ANA IQ open week features new content, beginning Monday at 9:00 a.m. ET and ending 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday. The platform will be open 24/7 during these days and times. Participants can stop by whenever their schedules permit and select any on-demand module(s) or participate in a live workshop.

Leading Content from Marketing Leaders

June 5, 9:00 - 11:00 a.m. ET

Marketing to Generation Z

Headshot of Mark Beal

Mark Beal

Founder and Principal
Mark Beal Media

Microtrends: Hidden Forces Shaping the Consumer of Tomorrow

Headshot of Mark Penn

Mark Penn

Chair, CEO

2024: The Year Smart Marketers Get Real About Artificial Intelligence

Headshot of Greg Verdino

Greg Verdino

Founder and Principal Consultant

An Overview of PepsiCo’s Rigorous Approach to Evaluating Retail Media Networks

Headshot of Ally Schnitzer

Ally Schnitzer

Retail Media Lead

Landing the Customer Brand Promise

Headshot of Jann Schwarz

Jann Schwarz

Founder of B2B Institute

Experience a transformational learning journey through curated modules developed by renowned marketing leaders.


Building the B2B Business Case for In-House Digital and Creative

In this session, learn from Corteva’s U.S. marketing leader on how to demonstrate the value of in-housing beyond cost savings.

Leah Beyer
Digital Marketing Communications Leader
Corteva Agriscience

Landing the Customer Brand Promise

Jann Schwarz, founder of B2B Institute at LinkedIn, discusses how distilling a brand's value down to the unique differentiated value it creates in the marketplace drives consumer trust and long-term business growth.

Jann Schwarz
Founder of B2B Institute

When B2B and B2C Collide: Best Practices in B2B2C Marketing

Jennifer Renaud, CMO at Masonite, shares her learnings as a B2B2C marketing professional in industries as diverse as medical device, high tech, and building products, who specializes in helping B2B companies with indirect sales models develop and execute consumer marketing programs.

Jennifer Renaud

The Future of B2B: Predictions for 2030

Drawing on the results of a recent study, Merkle describes four seismic changes that it predicts will reshape the world of B2B by the end of the decade, along with the forces that it expects to contribute to their emergence.

Holden Bale
Global Head of Experience and Commerce

Game-Changing Strategies: Aligning Sales and Marketing with Sport Psychology Principles

Embark on a transformative journey with Professor Geir Jordet, celebrated sports psychologist and author of "Pressure: Lessons from the Psychology of the Penalty Shootout," renowned for his work with premier soccer teams like Chelsea FC and FC Bayern Munich. Explore practical strategies to align sales and marketing teams under pressure, drawing from insights into behaviors in high-pressure moments, collaboration techniques from top soccer teams, resilience-building strategies, and effective communication practices, ensuring success in critical revenue goals and account management.

Geir Jordet
Professor of football and psychology
Norwegian School of Sport Sciences


June 5, 9:00 to 11:00 
a.m. ET:
Marketing to Generation Z

Gen Z is not a generation that wants to be marketed to, and they consume media and content vastly differently from their predecessors. In this workshop, you will immerse yourself into the minds and mannerisms of gen Z and comprehend how, where and when to most effectively engage them. Led by a veteran agency marketer who with keen insights into gen Z, this workshop navigates how gen Z consumes media and marketing, produces, and distributes content, prioritizes certain qualities and features of the brands they most admire.

Mark Beal
Founder and Principal
Mark Beal Media

An Overview of PepsiCo’s Rigorous Approach to Evaluating Retail Media Networks

PepsiCo recognizes that retail media can be a hardworking part of the overall media mix, and as the proliferation of RMNs are on the rise, the company has developed a strategic and methodical way to evaluate investment based on specific capabilities. Ally Schnitzer, retail media lead at PepsiCo, shared their approach to evaluating RMNs and integrating these platforms into their marketing plans.

Ally Schnitzer
Retail Media Lead

How General Mills Leverages Retail Media to Drive Growth

Lisa Roebuck, global media director at General Mills, shared her organization's core beliefs and guiding principles for leveraging retail media networks (RMNs) and reviews some existing challenges in the space that still need to be overcome.

Lisa Roebuck
Global Media Director
General Mills

Northwell Health Finds Its Purpose in Combating Gun Violence

In 2019, guns surpassed car accidents as the leading cause of death among children in the U.S. This crisis prompted Northwell Health, New York's largest health care provider, and its agency partner, StrawberryFrog, to find a way to combat the epidemic.

Ali Demos
Group Strategy Director

Craig Konieczko
Senior Director, Brand Corporate Marketing
Northwell Health

Reaching a Global Audience with the McDonald’s World Cup Campaign

McDonald's showcases how the brand turned its 2022 FIFA World Cup sponsorship into a massive success by developing a simple message that brought fans together across countries and cultures, united by their love of soccer and the world's largest restaurant chain.

Jennifer Delvecchio
Senior Director of Global Brand, Content, and Culture

Microtrends: Hidden Forces Shaping the Consumer of Tomorrow

Mark Penn, chairman at and CEO of Stagwell, posits that when a marketing effort strikes a chord with consumers, it's because it resonates with a trend or "microtrend" in culture.

Mark Penn
Chair, CEO

Inspiring Great Creative

This multi-media format interactive course will help anyone involved in the development of advertising get the kind of powerful creative work that builds your sales overnight and builds your brand over time. You will be guided through the entire creative process, from the creative brief to judging creative work, giving the agency compelling feedback, and making all your communications more effective. Quite simply, this course will help you to be a better client.

Overview of the 2024 ANA Media Conference

In this video, get a two minute overview of the 2024 ANA Media Conference.


2024: The Year Smart Marketers Get Real About Artificial Intelligence

Join Greg Verdino, the founder of marketing AI consultancy CognitivePath and a professional futurist who has been forecasting AI’s impact on marketing for nearly a decade, as he shares his eye-opening take on the top AI trends every marketer needs to know to thrive in 2024 (and beyond).

Greg Verdino
Founder and Principal Consultant

How Adobe Gets to the Heart of AI

Adweek's 2023 B2B Innovation Award Winner Heather Freeland, chief brand officer at Adobe, discusses creativity, reaching a B2B consumer, and generative AI.

Heather Freeland
Chief Brand Officer

Advertising as a Service to the Consumer

Explore how advertisers can alchemize the doom and gloom of losing consumer tracking into a positive about how we can get back to the art of marketing and media planning, and challenge that advertising, when done well, is a service to the consumer.

Shenan Reed
Global Chief Media Officer
General Motors

How Marketers Can Harness the Power of AI

Kathleen Hall shares how media leaders can effectively leverage AI across the marketing organization and how AI is poised to supercharge growth, anticipate consumer behavior, revolutionize personalization, and optimize targeting and campaign effectiveness.

Kathleen Hall
Chief Brand Officer

How Open Source Will Transform Marketing

Delve into the transformative potential of recent AI breakthroughs, particularly in generative AI, for businesses worldwide. Discover why an open approach to AI model development is crucial, empowering marketers with access to cutting-edge tools like Llama2 and unleashing a realm of experimentation, innovation, and economic benefits previously inaccessible.

Sy Choudhury
Director, AI Partnerships


How Co-Creation Can Drive Growth, Delight Consumers, and Benefit Our Planet

As HP's Global Head of Brands, Agencies, and Sustainability Innovation, Jose "Pepe" Gorbea humanizes digital packaging technology by educating and inspiring brands with a human-centric communication framework around personalization and sustainability storytelling, which empowers marketers to innovate, drive penetration, build distinctive assets and grow ROI via co-creation.

Jose "Pepe" Gorbe
Global Head of Brands, Agencies, and Sustainability Innovation

Amplifying Diversity in Film with Indeed

As Indeed enters into its fourth season of Rising Voices, they discuss how they got here and what the impact has been so far.

Jessica Wolfson
Executive Producer, Indeed Creative

Girl Scouts Is Fostering a More Inclusive World for Girls and Women

Jocelyn Johnson, CMO, shares the focus on growth for good and how Girl Scouts helps girls break free from every box. Girl Scouts' mission is to imagine what we can all do when we unbox the future.

Jocelyn Johnson
Chief Marketing Officer
Girl Scouts of the USA

The Japanese State of Gender Equality in Advertising

Explore how Japan's advertising industry navigates challenges in inclusivity within a nation marked by low gender equality rankings. Through impactful case studies, witness the modest strides and collective efforts towards societal change in this call to action and inspirational presentation.

Yuko Furuichi
President and CEO
Comexposium Japan

How CVS Health’s Here Campaign Advances Health Equity in Communities Nationwide

Discover how CVS Health is committed to championing health equity for women, and how they are actively working to dismantle barriers, empowering women to thrive.

Michele Peluso
EVP and Chief Customer & Experience Officer
CVS Health

Christine Guilfoyle

Turbocharging Sales Through Gender-Equal Advertising Strategies

Step into the forefront of advertising innovation with our exclusive webinar, unveiling insights from the groundbreaking 2024 GEMLift study. Discover how tailored marketing strategies resonate with evolving consumer dynamics, from women's control over household spending to the influential role of ethnic communities and Generation Z's progressive views on gender and sexuality. Learn actionable recommendations to embed GEM® creative best practices into your marketing efforts, revolutionizing your strategy for tangible business outcomes.

Latha Sarathy
Chief Research Officer
ANA and SeeHer

Erika Digirolamo
Director, Global Solutions Delivery, NAM Media, & Analytics


Cultivating Talent by Blending Technology, Skills, and the Human Touch

Mauricio Ferreira talks about the inflection point we are at with the exponential growth of GenAI, the evolution of B2B marketing, and the everlasting need to build meaningful human connections.

Mauricio Ferreira
Americas Business Applications Lead, SMB and Corporate

How to Implement an Experience Mindset and Drive Business Growth

Tiffani Bova outlines what the "experience mindset" is and shares steps that leaders can take to develop a company culture driven by this mindset, which has been proven to drive growth when implemented effectively.

Tiffani Bova
Former Global Growth Evangelist

Six Tips for a Brand Transformation Led by Marketing Operations

Janna Ducich gives an inside look at how her marketing operations team led the brand transformation at AT&T, sharing six tips she learned along the way.

Janna Ducich
SVP of Marketing Planning and Operations

How Marketing Can Align with the Business and Achieve Impressive Results

Andrew Kirk provides a rundown of problem scenarios that often occur within the marketing pipeline and reviewed methods for how to avoid these scenarios, and putting these principles into practice to successfully rollout a new brand platform.

Andrew Kirk
Executive Director of Marketing Operations
CVS Health

The Importance of Building Your Personal Brand and Online Presence

Learn high level aspects of the importance of building your personal brand and online presence including an online masterclass that will give you the tools to build in real-time.

Anouk Pappers
Brand Anthropologist
Co-Founder - CoolBrands People
CEO - Signitt

In addition, 40+ reports, case studies, and other content will be made available for you to continue your learning journey.

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