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Multicultural Marketing - Making the Budget Work Effectively

Brands with budget constraints can sometimes feel lost when it comes to effective multicultural marketing, missing out on key connection opportunities with their audiences. Multicultural marketing is not a one-size fits all approach. Age, race, background and interest all play a role in communicating with your target audience. For many brands, a multicultural marketing budget is integral to a brand’s overall marketing budget. Yet for others, multicultural budgets are just a fraction of general market budgets or non-existent.

Multicultural marketing in the face of budget constraints is still possible. Through exercises, case studies, and market research, this course will show you how to maximize resources and reach the right audience, on the right medium(s), within budget. We will explore what multicultural marketing is and how research, defined objectives, and target audience detail can be better employed for effective multicultural marketing. Research is the marketer’s friend, and by doing it, you can narrow your audience and in turn focus your budget and spend wisely. We will also look at common multicultural marketing misconceptions, where PR fits in the mix, and assess different media platforms for target audience effectiveness.

Learning Experience

This is a multi-media format course and is fully interactive. It provides real-world practitioner-led learning. Active course participation is required and includes knowledge checks, activities, assessments, and resources/tools.

Who is this Course For?

  • Marketing leaders within corporations or advertising agencies that want to learn more about multicultural marketing and how to incorporate it into overall marketing plan and budget
  • Professionals within the general market that are managing marketing budgets for brands of all sizes. In particular, small to mid-sized brands looking to maximize their multicultural efforts within limited budgets will benefit from this workshop.
  • Company owners that need to reach a specific viable audience with their message about their product/service and feel that they are not doing so currently

Learning Objectives

  1. Gain an increased understanding of multicultural marketing
  2. Learn how to integrate a multicultural budget into your overall plan
  3. Understand the financial benefit of including multicultural marketing into a plan despite the size of the company

Find out what you will learn from instructor Nicole Sebree-Henry in the video below.

Estimated Length of Completion

Approximately 65 minutes. This timing reflects the basic run time, but seat time varies by user and could be significantly longer.

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Nicole Sebree-Henry

A marketing professional with 20 years of experience, Nicole Sebree-Henry has managed advertising campaigns and leveraged visibility for Fortune 500 brands including Ford Motor Company, FedEx, and Caesars Entertainment.

Nicole is an owner and senior marketing consultant for The Marketing Connect, LLC. In this role she has consulted on national marketing campaigns for Cricket Wireless, Lexus, Nissan and McDonald’s. Within her capacity she provides go-to-market and annual marketing plans, national and regional media planning and buying, identifies and negotiates contracts for partnerships, as well as activate sponsorships, promotions and events.

Prior to owning her company, Nicole worked in gaming first as the Director of Capture Marketing for Caesars Entertainment, Las Vegas and then as the Acting VP/Director of Marketing for Hollywood Casino in Ohio. In her roles she directed the overall marketing strategy and acquisition marketing. Additionally, she managed promotions, entertainment, events, database marketing, player development, advertising, PR and community relations to engage customers. She successfully has driven traffic into over ten casinos and earned over $1 million more than the annual expected budget. Nicole launched the first Hangover slot machines in the U.S. and the successful show, Absinthe at Caesars. She led the first place, award-winning Responsible Gambling communications campaign while spearheading crisis communications for Hollywood Casino when dealing with the inability to drink the water in Toledo.

She has been acknowledged in the automotive industry for increasing vehicle sales within the multicultural space by developing programs and sponsoring events within the African American, Hispanic and Asian American markets. Nicole led the Ford team for three years in its activation of Essence Festival where they have won Best Consumer Engagement.

What makes her stand out is that she has a unique resume, which includes working on the advertising agency side, as well as in media sales and directly for corporations. This makes it easy for her to understand the business in its totality.

In addition to Nicole’s work experience she has led the African American business group within Caesars Entertainment and sat on the Board of Directors for the Boys and Girls Club of Toledo.

She is a proven leader that has the ability to manage multi-million-dollar budgets and increase consideration and sales for products and brands.

Nicole received her Masters of Tourism in Events and Sports Management from the George Washington University School of Business and her Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Michigan.