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Agile (201) – Sprint Planning and Estimating (BURST)

(BURST Workshop)

Workshop Description
Your marketing organization has gotten a taste of Agile Marketing, and they want more. You recognize the value Agile could deliver for your marketing teams but want to make sure it is right for your organization before making a big commitment. Agile 201 Burst training shows your team the steps needed to actually plan and execute an Agile Sprint.

The ANA’s 201 Agile BURST workshop is a lightning 90-minute training where your marketing teams learn how to plan and estimate marketing projects/campaigns for an Agile sprint. We will show your team how Agile can and will empower team members to take greater ownership of their work, delivering both higher quality and quantity of work. We will walk your team through the Agile Planning Poker process and how teams can quickly learn from earlier mistakes and missteps. The true differentiator of Agile Marketing is the level of communication established across a team. This session will show your team how to effectively communicate in Agile and empower your team members like never before.

This BURST workshop will end with an interactive exercise where you will be able to choose an upcoming project or campaign and using virtual breakout rooms, your teams will scope, plan and schedule your campaign to be developed using Agile Marketing Your team will plan and estimate timing for an upcoming team campaign, which they can begin implementing immediately following this training.

This Agile BURST workshop is excerpted from the half day workshop “Agile Marketing – Sprint Planning and Project Estimating” and is part of a broader four-part series where marketers are equipped to fully implement Agile throughout their disciplines.

This Agile 201 BURST should be taken in tandem with its counterpart Agile 101 BURST training, after which you and your team will confidently be able to decide whether Agile is a strong fit for your organization and if investing more resources in implementing Agile will be worthwhile.

Target Audience
This BURST workshop is open for marketers at any level within an organization that develops and/or executes marketing campaigns. It is particularly useful for teams looking to implement an agile process in their own organization.

Virtual Program Benefits
The benefits of attending this BURST workshop fall under the following key drivers of growth: improving marketing effectiveness, increasing marketing efficiencies, and maximizing marketing ROI.

Improve marketing effectiveness and ROI by:

  • Empowering marketers to make iterative changes based on validated learning
  • Gaining a greater understanding of whether/how Agile is the right fit for your marketing org

Improve marketing efficiency by:

  • Increasing and improving team communication and collaboration using Agile Marketing
  • Improved planning processes that require less time and maximize resource allocation

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  • Cord Silverstein

    Cord Silverstein is an award-winning marketer, leader, coach and speaker with over 20 years of proven marketing expertise. He has worked on both sides of the aisle leading the marketing strategy and execution for Fortune 500 brands on the agency and client side.