The Purpose Advantage: Unlocking the Power of Purpose for Your Brand (Full Day)

(Full Day Workshop)

We are in a new era of brand building. As the rules of this era are being written, it’s paramount that marketers understand and align on how to differentiate their brand and drive revenue. In this crowded marketplace, meeting strong standards in the four P’s is cost of entry. Brand purpose — the 5th P – which the ANA defines as a brand’s reason to exist beyond profit, is playing an increasing role in the decision-making of modern consumers. But many brands are struggling to arrive at a brand purpose that will ignite the hearts and minds of customers and their workforce while honoring the brand’s history and reflecting its organic ethos.

In this interactive workshop, you will engage in a series of exercises and carefully selected case studies designed to teach you four key frameworks for uncovering, pressure testing or evolving your brand purpose and building a strong brief. This purpose will then be used to ideate on the creation of a proof plan that will bring your purpose to life – both and outside your organization – to improve customer loyalty, drive revenue and differentiate your brand.

Important Note: For best outcomes, your company may be asked to reimburse for the travel costs of two presenters for this workshop. You will be notified well in advance if this is the case for you.

Who is this workshop for?

Brand Managers, Marketers, and Communications Directors – looking to better understand how to arrive at the brand purpose and enhance or develop unifying internal strategies and external communications.

This workshop can be tailored to various levels within an organization or customized to one organization.

Workshop Benefits

The benefits of attending this workshop fall under the following key drivers of growth: improving brand strategic intent, improving customer preference and engagement, improving employee alignment, and increasing employee satisfaction.

This workshop helps attendees improve brand strategic intent, future state vision and marketing impact by teaching them:

  • The role that purpose plays in driving brand preference with customers and the resulting impact on business objectives
  • How to develop a brand purpose that will unite their organization in action and align their marketing communications efforts

This workshop helps attendees improve customer preference and engagement by teaching them:

  • How purpose can help brands connect with customers, improve engagement and drive revenue inspiring the brand narrative and brand actions that are memorable and meaningful

This workshop helps attendees improve employee alignment by teaching them:

  • The role purpose plays in unifying an organization’s employees around a common mission and their understanding of their role in bringing that mission to life

This workshop helps attendees increase employee satisfaction and reduced employee turnover by teaching them:

  • How purpose can be integrated inside the organization to increase worker satisfaction


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Jeff Fromm

5X Author, Independent Consultant Fusing Purpose + Sustainability + Innovation, Board Member

Jeff Fromm is a subject matter expert collaborating with brands to connect their purpose, sustainability and innovation efforts. 

In 2010 & 2011, Jeff published the first public study of Millennials as Consumers (called “American Millennials: Deciphering The Enigma Generation) in a research partnership with The Boston Consulting Group.

He is an active writer at Forbes and author of five books: Marketing to Millennials (Harper Collins, 2013)Millennials with KidsMarketing to Gen Z, The Purpose Advantage & The Purpose Advantage 2.0 (Oct, 2021). 



Jeff serves on the Board of Directors at Three Dog Bakery where he chairs the Innovation Committee.

Jeff graduated from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and attended The London School of Economics.

He has worked all over the world – well, not Antarctica. If you want a peak at Jeff’s sizzle reel,


Lindsey DeWitte

Senior Vice President, Crossroads, a Barkley company

Lindsey is an integrated marketer dedicated to helping brands define, live and share their brand purpose. She leads a sought after public relations practice focused on the development of reputation-building business and communications strategies.

Lindsey consults with global brands to uncover and elevate reputation-enhancing corporate initiatives, pull purpose back into the brand DNA and create campaigns that will mobilize internal and external audiences.

With communications expertise in everything from issues and crisis management to influencer relations, Lindsey is passionate about helping brands improve how they act, react to and engage with modern consumers.



Philippa Cross

Sustainability and Communications Strategist, Crossroads, a Barkley company

For over 15 years Philippa’s passion has been helping global brands bring environmental and social impact into their core to engage with consumers around a shared purpose.

As Senior Global Sustainable Business Director at Unilever, she developed sustainability programs for brands including Ben & Jerry’s, Hellmann’s and Knorr that delivered tangible business impact; increasing consumer loyalty and earning additional shelf-space at retail. These brands and others that form Unilever’s Sustainable Living Brands Index are growing twice as fast as other brands in the portfolio and fuel 70 percent of Unilever’s total growth.

Philippa has a Masters in Sustainability Leadership from the University of Cambridge and continues to be involved with the program, developing the next generation of sustainable business leaders. Philippa has lived in cities across Asia and Europe but now calls Kansas City home.


Jennifer Cawley

Barkley, SVP Purpose + Sustainability

Jennifer Cawley has spent two decades helping transform organizations through brand purpose and reputation management. Her work as a senior communication strategist has helped brands connect consumer and business insights into scalable purpose strategies.

Jennifer excels at creative ideation and problem solving and has developed national award-winning strategies for a diverse range of clients and sectors including consumer-packaged goods, retail, restaurant, travel, lifestyle and non-profits. Jennifer is a contributor to the Purpose Advantage book series and leads purpose and sustainability workshops year-round.