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Leveraging the Power of Podcasts to Drive Customer Engagement (Half Day)

(Half Day Workshop)

Bringing a corporate podcast to life can be trickier than marketers realize – without a solid plan and effective creative voice in place, marketers risk losing opportunities for increased customer engagement and can struggle to prove podcast ROI.

However, when executed correctly, podcasting enables your company to reach new customers, deepen loyalty with existing ones, grow your brand footprint, drive employee morale, and share important insights… just to name a few. It requires a broad mix of specialized expertise to standout with your podcast and breakthrough to your customers.

In this half-day workshop, attendees will learn the core building blocks required to take their corporate podcast from messy idea to jaw-dropping ROI. In addition to enjoying an inside look into the state of the industry, latest trends, and critical fundamentals to hit the ground running, workshop attendees will be armed with a systematic, step-by-step blueprint for podcast greatness. From technology to storytelling to show concept development to marketing and distribution, we’ll help you navigate your way to corporate podcast success. And have some fun together along the way.

Who Is This Workshop For?
This workshop is designed for teams or individuals looking to start a podcast for their brand, or who have started a podcast but need tools to improve customer engagement & ROI. It is applicable for marketers and/or in-house/agency audiences.

Workshop Benefits:
The benefits of attending this workshop fall under the following key drivers of growth: improving marketing effectiveness and increasing marketing efficiencies and maximizing marketing ROI.

This workshop helps attendees increase marketing efficiency by teaching them:

  • The four key development areas that lead to breakout podcast success

This workshop helps attendees increase marketing effectiveness by teaching them:

  • How to avoid and overcome common podcast danger traps
  • How to develop a corporate podcast that quickly connects with internal stakeholders and external customers
  • The key criteria for a successful podcast development process

This workshop helps attendees maximize marketing ROI by teaching them:

  • To identify and connect the ROI of starting a corporate podcast
  • Strategies and tactics to drive customer loyalty and engagement through podcasting

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Connor Trombley

Connor Trombley is the Chief Strategy Officer of Detroit Podcast Studios, a turnkey production agency that helps global brands build, launch, and scale corporate podcasts to drive customer engagement, amplify marketing effectiveness, and maximize ROI.

Prior to Detroit Podcast Studios, Connor held a number of leadership roles for technology startups, focused on digital marketing, business operations, storytelling, design, and innovation.

Most recently, Connor served as Director of Marketing & Engagement for Platypus Labs, a global innovation consulting firm, as well as Head of Marketing and Customer Experience for 3 Ring Circus, a professional speaking training company, among other entrepreneurial ventures.

Connor’s deep experience in the world of startups, brand building, and technology helps him provide his clients with a holistic view of turning messy ideas into breakout hits.

Connor also serves as a board member of Playworks, a national nonprofit leveraging the power of play to transform children’s social and emotional health, as well as a member of The Visionary Forum, a collective of entrepreneurs solving complex issues, with brilliant resolve.

Connor holds a degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Analytics from Miami University.