Personal Branding for Marketers (BURST)

Accelerate Your Career and Elevate Your Influence
(BURST Workshop)

Virtual Workshop Description
One of the most common myths about personal branding is that you must be a CEO or famous personality to need a Personal Brand. The reality is, in today’s market, whether you’re an individual contributor, a team leader, or an independent business, your Personal Brand can be the key to opening new opportunities and reaching that next level of success. Even if you are the most talented, educated, dedicated employee in your organization, you can lose out on growth opportunities if your "competition" is perceived to have more influence or stronger subject matter expertise. At a certain level, everyone is exceptional within competitive, high-performing companies. Setting yourself apart comes down to more than your resume or reputation. You need to have a unique, outstanding Personal Brand.

In this virtual workshop, you will learn not only how a Personal Brand can yield dividends for your own career, but also how personal branding can transform your present marketing efforts and benefit your organization. Led by an industry expert with over 20 years’ experience working with business owners and market-leading brands to optimize their marketing and sales strategy, accelerate revenue, and increase audience engagement, this workshop will provide strategic best practices for leveraging your Personal Brand to differentiate you from the competition, build trust with employers, and benefit your employer brand.

Participants will leave with straightforward action steps to quickly create or improve their authority platform and personal brand to elevate their influence and accelerate their careers.

Target Audience
This 2-hour BURST workshop is for business leaders, managers, executives, individual contributors and / or marketing teams that want to be well versed in how to enhance their Personal Brand, and how to link a Personal Brand to their company’s brand growth.

Workshop Benefits
Participants of this workshop are equipped to better drive growth for themselves and their organizations by:

  • Understanding what a Personal Brand is and who should develop one
  • Learning how a Personal Brand can benefit both the individual and employer organization
  • Unlocking the power to build subject-matter authority and thought leadership
  • Becoming familiar with options for developing a Personal Brand presence online
  • Learning how a Personal Brand can deliver a competitive advantage in career advancement and understand its impact on the employer company's brand perception


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Mary Czarnecki

Mary Czarnecki is a co-founder of MAC Marketing Partners, the customer-centric marketing agency for market-leading brands. Mary has 20 years of experience driving revenue and customer impact growth for Fortune 100 companies and is no stranger to the "virtual environment," having delivered consulting and training services "remotely" since 2015. She is a regular advisor to market-leading brand teams and in addition to her work with MAC Marketing Partners, she applies her expertise in brand building and social media strategy to develop personal brand platforms for high-impact female entrepreneurs and executives to accelerate both career and business success.

Mary has been acknowledged as a top instructor for the ANA’s Marketing Training & Development Center and has developed several online courses for business leaders and entrepreneurs. She also leads live virtual group coaching programs for executives and entrepreneurs on topics such as virtual leadership, brand development, and online business growth.

Mary received her M.B.A. and M.E.M. from Yale University and B.A. from Princeton University.


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