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Effective Agency Management (Full Day)

(Full Day Workshop)

Significant budgets are invested every year into marketing efforts that fuel tremendous growth, build brands or fall short of expectations. As a marketer, you spend years acquiring essential skills — as a generalist or a specialist — to master your craft. One of the most critical skills is often the least understood but has the most impact: how to work effectively with your agency (ies). This is an important muscle for any marketer to build as the quality and effectiveness of the work you produce is often a direct reflection of a strong agency relationship and how well you collaborate. Recent studies that the effective use of agency resources has a significant impact on marketing’s ability to be successful. Under constant pressure, marketers want more, better, cheaper, faster work from their agencies. In return, agencies want clients who know how to enable them to do their best work, compensate them fairly and collaborate efficiently. Yet getting there proves to be increasingly difficult for marketers and agencies alike. Few marketers know how to build outstanding partnerships that perform consistently and meet their expectations. They often wonder: Why do some relationships thrive while others miserably fail? How do you motivate your agency to deliver outstanding work? What are the key ingredients of a successful, lasting relationship? How should you handle hot and controversial topics like contracts, the scope of work (SOW), briefing, compensation, reviews and more? Develop the critical skills of an effective client leader or active user of agencies. 

As a participant of this workshop, you will walk away with tangible ideas, best practices and tools to inspire your agency to do their best work… and ultimately, make you a far more successful marketer and well-respected client. Led by one of the leading world experts on agency management, this engaging, interactive workshop is packed with hands-on exercises, case studies, anecdotal stories, fun videos and opportunities to share as a group. Throughout this session, you will discover what makes a better client and how to get the quality work you deserve.

Who Is This Workshop For?

This workshop has been designed specifically for:

  • Anyone in a marketing role who interacts with, or manages an external or in-house agency;
  • Any procurement professional responsible for relationships with agencies.

It is a great introduction for those new to agency management and a welcome refresher for seasoned professionals.

Workshop Benefits

The benefits of attending this workshop fall under the following key drivers of growth: improving marketing effectiveness, increasing marketing efficiencies, and maximizing marketing ROI.

This workshop helps attendees improve marketing effectiveness by teaching them:

  • The client responsibilities in the management of their agency partnerships
  • What agencies need most from their clients
  • How to provide productive and compelling direction/feedback
  • How to manage expectations and anticipate common relationship issues that get in the way of great work

This workshop helps attendees increase marketing efficiency by teaching them:

  • How to effectively scope work and brief agencies to ensure alignment and minimize waste
  • How to negotiate favorable compensation and motivate agencies to do their best work
  • The techniques that make the process more streamlined and time efficient

This workshop helps attendees improve collaboration by teaching them:

  • How to effectively partner with multiple agencies
  • Best practices to become a better client with whom the agency loves to work
  • How to foster collaboration and teamwork that translates into long-term relationships

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  • Bruno Gralpois

    Bruno Gralpois is the co-founder and principal of Agency Mania Solutions, a service and technology firm. He is a member of the ANA Faculty who has shaped industry-wide initiatives to improve understanding and practices in agency management. Bruno teaches our Optimizing Agency Relations Workshop.