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Best Practices for Effective Multicultural Marketing Campaigns - Virtual

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Seats are limited and confirmation of attendance will be required in advance of the session.

If you are not doing multicultural marketing, your competitors are. As markets grow more diverse and companies expand across borders, some still struggle to adjust to the dynamics of an evolving marketplace, let alone compete effectively for diverse consumers. Brands that fail to develop winning marketing strategies for diverse audiences miss opportunities to create authentic connections that last – and risk losing credibility and audience share long-term.

In this virtual workshop, we will review a number of best practices for multicultural marketing that render enviable ROI and brand loyalty. We will also discuss when multicultural marketing has gone wrong. Led by a multicultural marketing expert with decades of experience working on multicultural campaigns in the travel, finance, and pharmaceutical industries, this workshop guides you through the entire process of multicultural campaign building, from insights, to briefing, to execution and launch. You will also receive recommendations on how to set up a system of internal and external cultural checks and balances to ensure your campaigns are authentic and drive customer loyalty.

Target Audience
This virtual workshop is beneficial for any of the following audiences:

  • Brands interested in growing their business by expanding into the multicultural space
  • Marketing organizations looking to streamline their existing process/es when working with their external or internal creative partners AND other internal resources (D&I committees, etc.), to drive truly authentic campaigns that brings results
  • Brands struggling to ascertain where/why their existing multicultural creative is not eliciting the desired or expected results

It is relevant for B to C, B to B, or hybrid audiences, and may include junior/mid-level members of marketing, creative, or strategy teams. It can also act as a great refresher for seasoned professionals looking to streamline or audit their existing multicultural marketing practices.

Download the full benefits here

  • Setting the Stage (5min)
  • Building a Successful Multicultural Campaign (30min)
  • Getting It Right (40min)
  • Getting It Right - Exercises (15min)
  • Break (10min)
  • Building a Process to Ensure Culturally Authentic Campaigns (40min)
  • Multicultural Brief - Exercises (30min)
  • Closing Remarks (10min)



Olena Kushch

Olena Kushch is the founder and principal of CultureSpace Inc. She helps her clients grow revenues by educating them about their diverse customers and assisting in crafting and implementing targeted marketing strategies. She has over 15 years of experience in New York ad agencies leading multicultural campaigns across various U.S. markets, including Hispanic, Asian, African American. She worked on launching successful multicultural campaigns in pharmaceutical, finance and travel industries for some of the largest U.S. and global brands.

At CultureSpace, Olena has designed and facilitated programs for global executives and marketing managers to help them build essential skills in cross-cultural communication and multicultural marketing.

Along with the extensive multicultural marketing expertise, Olena relies on her background in law and theatre to make each session a dynamic and valuable experience for her audience.