Insight-Driven Customer Journey Mapping

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Businesses are trying to distinguish themselves by providing a great customer experience. However, they often forget to tie the strategic (macro) to the tactical (micro) and therefore miss opportunities to improve ROI and customer feedback scores. Using insights-driven Journey Mapping helps a company understand how well it is meeting its customer needs across the entire customer lifecycle (i.e., awareness/consideration, purchase, post-purchase, loyalty, and churn). Effective mapping also informs about customer behaviors (channel usage and preferences) to aid in more tactical downstream marketing execution.

Creating the right customer experience is critical to determining your company’s ability to thrive and have profitable growth -- or struggle and become vulnerable to disruptors or competitors. The business case is clear: according to Gartner; a 5% increase in retention can boost your profits by 25% to 125%. In addition, most organizations that use this approach can see up to 10% increases in revenue drop to their bottom line as a direct result of the subsequent improvements made to strategy and execution.

Get started today on what you need to do to build better insight-driven customer experiences, drive ROI, and capitalize on the key Moments of Truth as you interact with your prospects and customers.

Who Is This Workshop For?

  • CX, research, marketing, and operations teams or individuals who want to better understand their customers 
  • Practitioners involved in the day-to-day practice of driving improved Voice of the Customer/NPS performance, building customer-facing automation and digital platforms, and/or communications either via marketing or sales-based technologies
  • Practitioners involved in building, analyzing, and enhancing customer experiences
  • Marketing, research, and operations professionals with 3+ years of experience

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  • Setting the Stage (30 min)
  • What is Customer Experience (CX) (30 min)
  • Fitting Your Map to Your Internal Stakeholders (30 min)
  • Creating the Current State Journey Map: Where Are We Now? (60 min)
  • Using Data and Metrics to Track Success (30 min)
  • Creating the Future State Journey Map: What Would It Look Like If We "Fix" Things (30 min)
  • Winning Executive Buy-In (15 min)
  • Closing & Wrap Up (15 min)



Darcy Bevelacqua

VP Sales, SuiteCX

Darcy Bevelacqua is a VP at SuiteCX, a consultancy created to help the client use journey mapping tools to create consistency across the enterprise, measure progress and prioritize recommendations based on the company/customer impact. Prior to SuiteCX Darcy worked in management consulting for companies like Accenture Digital, Merkle, Harte Hanks Consulting, etc. She began her career on the client side working for companies like American Express and IBM.

Darcy specializes in business transformation using a combination of technology, analytics, and ethnographic research. She looks at the emerging customer expectations to help companies adjust to disruptive forces. She began her career as a middle school teacher and has been teaching executive workshops for more than 15 years. She has a BA from Hood College in Psychology and an MA in HR from the New School for Social Research. She is a member of ANA, MENG, AMA, CXPA, and a judge for the Temple Business Innovations. She has taught Customer Journey Mapping for the DMA for 3 years.


Valerie Peck

Founder and CEO, SuiteCX/East Bay Group

Valerie Peck is the Founder and Principal at East Bay Group, a consultancy she created to help corporations develop and execute their Customer Experience strategy. Valerie has created a software platform called SuiteCX which enables companies and practitioners to aggregate various evidence and ethnographic elements such as the voice of the customer, employee and company into a visual storytelling and process format to improve customer experiences, campaign effectiveness, and strategic planning.

She has considerable functional expertise in executive-level marketing strategy, Go-to-market positioning, customer interaction strategy, tactics, and technical solutions, business processes, content/knowledge management and touch point/datamart technologies. Her vertical industry expertise includes the financial services, hospitality, retail, health care services, high-technology, telecommunications, automotive, entertainment, and education sectors. She has significant domestic and international experience.

Projects Valerie has led have included using marketing and customer experience for competitive advantage, “psychology meets technology”, online/offline marketing, contact center/web business, functional, technical designs, RFP development and management, and customer service, service to sales strategy, customer experience optimization, and business case development.

Her hands-on experience in management with both major corporations and the Big 5, consulting to a wide array of Fortune 50 and start-ups, give her a wealth of best practices (and worst) to pull from making her a subject matter expert who is highly sought after both in consulting and speaking.