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Strategies for Effective Multicultural Marketing from Jack Daniel's

October 4, 2021

Fabrícia da Silva, Multicultural Marketing Manager USA & Canada for Brown-Forman/Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, was a featured speaker at the 2021 ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference. ANA's senior director Gena Casciano connected with Fabricia for a pre-conference interview. 

Gena Casciano: What are today's biggest industry issues in multicultural marketing?

Fabricia da Silva: The lack of a strategic "Breadth and Depth Approach" may be detrimental to the success of any industry's multicultural marketing strategy. While the broad range of cultural nuances across growing consumer segments today fuels an important case for inclusive marketing, the importance of depth campaigns which create opportunities to drive increased relevance through more targeted campaigns and programs remains imperative to win with the multicultural consumer. A Breadth and Depth Strategic Approach that leads with multicultural insights remains key to any inclusive marketing campaign.

Casciano: What are the key action steps and practices that have helped your company improve the diversity within your marketing department?

da Silva: Brown-Forman has been on a Diversity and Inclusion journey for over a decade. I am proud of our meaningful efforts and excited about our continued commitment to be better and do better in this space. In 2019, we published our Many Spirits, One Brown-Forman D&I 2030 Strategy. This is our guiding light, and our primary ambitions are to increase diverse representation and foster an inclusive culture at all levels of our business. In addition, we've created an internal Marketing D&I Committee to address specific areas within our marketing organization. As we look to include our focus on actions, one key action has been to encourage and educate on best practices for procurement. This has been embedded in the training that has been conducted with the recent rollout of an updated global procurement policy.

Casciano: What are some of the unique traits of multicultural Jack Daniel's consumers vs. your core customer base?

da Silva: Jack Daniel's is a household brand enjoyed by many folks all over the world. Loyalty is a strong trait of our customers and also a powerful trait of the multicultural consumer. Deepening connection through culture and authenticity to gain loyalty of diverse consumers is key to recruiting new drinkers, who, similar to our customer base, share a common passion for whiskey and tradition.

Casciano: What role has supplier diversity within your marketing supply chain played in your DE&I efforts?

da Silva: There continues to be a focus on who our customers are and how important DE&I is to reaching our customers globally. We have increased our spend the past several years as we continue to bring focus through our supplier diversity reporting and dashboards provided to the leadership at Brown-Forman. This has helped along with goals established annually to further enhance and grow our portfolio of business partners and multicultural agencies.

Recently, an updated version of the global procurement policy includes more information about the value and requirement for inclusion of diverse suppliers.

Casciano: You will be speaking the ANA Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference, October 24 -26 in San Diego. What will be the focus of your session, and what do you hope to share with the audience?

da Silva: During this session, attendees will be exposed to the trajectory of some of our latest award-winning multicultural campaigns led by Jack Daniel's family of brands engaging with the LGBTQIA+ consumers and how diverse teams working together championed the growth of innovative, purposeful and genuine campaigns executed at local and national levels. Having a diverse brand team, agency partners and thought partners provided multi lens perspectives to these campaigns.

Casciano: What do brands need to do to get their multicultural marketing campaigns "right"?

da Silva: Our gold standard approach is to actively include multicultural consumers in the entire strategic process, from opportunity assessment to insight development to execution. Inclusivity of our actions is a shared responsibility of everybody on the Brown-Forman team.

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