10 Highlights from #ANAMedia

April 18, 2019

By Bill Duggan

Ben Jankowski, SVP of media at Mastercard. ANA

I am just back from the ANA Media Conference. At the event, Peter Macey of Quantcast called it "the bullhorn for the industry for greater efficiency, transparency and best practices in media." Here are highlights of key speakers who had their hands on the bullhorn.

  1. Marc Pritchard, P&G: The industry needs a new media supply chain. It's time to invest our brainpower into an ecosystem that builds in quality, civility, transparency (of measurement across all media platforms), privacy, and control.
  2. Charlie Chappell, Hershey: In order to navigate media fragmentation, master marketing fundamentals. Know who your target is and whether it's big enough, know where to reach them, know how to communicate to them, know how to measure in real time and know costs.
  3. Terry Kawaja, LUMA Partners: The DNA of D2C brands consists of these important characteristics — digital native/mobile centric; focus on product design/user experience; disintermediation (agencies, retailers, etc.); identity-focused customer relationship; performance-oriented media spend; content marketing for brand storytelling; and growth-focused marketing talent.
  4. Courtney Lawrie, Wayfair: A constant in-market creative testing approach underpins Wayfair's continued growth. With that testing culture "we win or we learn."
  5. Rob Rakowitz, Mars: Media transformation has three artifacts of change — connecting to become indispensable, thinking that spans and stretches, and co-creating a sense of ownership.
  6. Steve King, Publicis: For one-on-one consumer engagement at scale, the combination of data, creativity, and technology is needed.
  7. Brad Haley, IHOP, and Robert Holtkamp, Initiative: Use culture as an accelerant. Leverage cultural momentum and relevance.
  8. Gary Vaynerchuk, VaynerMedia: Most brands don't have awareness issues. Rather, relevance is one of the greatest issues for brands. To drive consideration and relevance brands need to say something interesting.
  9. Sally Bayer, Roto-Rooter: Voice is going to be the next marketing revolution and will be moving at lightning speed over the next 12 months.
  10. Trace Rutland, Tyson: 29 percent of all television viewing is now done over-the-top (OTT). (There was tremendous buzz and conversation throughout the conference on OTT and connected TV.)

And a special thank you to Ben Jankowski, SVP of media at Mastercard, for his masterful hosting of the conference.

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