Beyond Profit Podcast: A Discussion with StrawberryFrog CEO Scott Goodson

March 3, 2020


According to a major study of consumers by StrawberryFrog and the Reputation Institute, 69 percent of respondents would recommend a purpose-driven brand to others, 68 percent would buy the products or services of this brand, 59 percent would work for this company if they had the opportunity, and 54 percent would give the benefit of the doubt to this company if it was facing a crisis.

The bottom line? Consumers are all in on brands that serve a purpose beyond profit, and they’re not afraid shoo away those that are lagging behind.

In this episode of Beyond Profit, a podcast of the ANA Center for Brand Purpose, host Ken Beaulieu sits down with Scott Goodson, CEO of StrawberryFrog, to discuss the survey findings, what brands can do to elevate their do-good efforts, what commonalities the most purposeful companies share, and more.

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