Giving Is More Important Than Ever During the Pandemic Crisis

May 4, 2020

By Senny Boone


As the COVID 19 pandemic continues its devastating toll, nonprofit organizations — including a large portion of ANA members — work on the front lines to provide needed relief. The ANA has many well-known organizations among its ranks, and they are doing amazing work. They include incredible hospitals, organizations feeding the hungry, organizations focused on disease eradication and helping the homeless. Many are teaming up with companies to support numerous vital projects locally — see this page for examples and consider adding your own.

You may be wondering how to help these great organizations. The first place to start is to reach out to your favorite charity now and ask them how you can help — it may be such a small step, but by contacting them you can determine how to support them in your own ways whether through dollars, time, mentoring or sharing their story with your circle of influence can help. An act of generosity is so vital today. Most organizations are facing a severe financial strain due to the cancellation of their in-person events, walkathons, runs, galas, face-to-face fundraising or other means of direct support and may not be able to weather this storm. You can help now.

There may be some tax incentives that help organizations like the new $300 “above the line” universal charitable tax deduction and giving incentives for companies as well in tax year 2020. You should consider offering your financial support now — not simply at the end of the year, as some do, but be proactive and look at your past donations to consider giving again. If you support an organization check in on its well-being today — is your beloved museum doing ok? What about the orchestra or your local nonprofit theater? How strong is your hospital and how can you help?

Organizations are also getting some needed help from larger organized events like Giving Tuesday, a global giving day organized to take place each Tuesday after Thanksgiving to support the charitable sector. To add support due to the pandemic crisis, tomorrow is a second “Giving Tuesday” day meant to promote giving on a global scale. The organization’s website is and it includes ways to support the effort as an individual or to participate as an organization. Take a moment on Giving Tuesday to participate, but do not stop there! We need our charitable sector to remain strong in the face of this unprecedented silent enemy — it has helped us so often in the past, let us take time to help the sector. Your giving will be rewarded through a strong charitable sector helping our society rebuild.

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