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Registration and Networking (10:45 AM ET)
Tina Jordan, Senior Director, Association of National Advertisers

Welcome & Introductions (10:45 - 11:00 AM)

I. Incremental Buy-In to A/B Testing: Leading Your Organization’s Test & Learn Data Strategy (11:00-11:40 AM)

Investing in a A/B testing platform just isn’t enough. To build a truly productive, efficient testing roadmap you need to generate buy-in from the leaders of the organization and they can have many excuses not to A/B test which can hinder and slow down the output of effective insights. TJ Sizemore will discuss leading athletic footwear retailer ASICS’ approach to this problem and how a new company KPI was created, further amplifying the value of A/B testing as an organizational strategy.

TJ Sizemore, Director, Global Analytics, ASICS Digital

II. Are Marketers Overemphasizing the Wrong Metrics? Why a Commercial View is Necessary for Brand Decisioning (11:40-12:30PM)

With a dynamically changing landscape, it’s important to look at data and analytics to truly understand the impact of brand and performance marketing initiatives. Unfortunately, too many marketers rely on historical performance report cards or ROAS metrics without a clear understanding of marketing’s incremental impact. Trent Huxley will address the importance of a commercial view and what is lost if spending is prioritized based on siloed metrics.

Trent Huxley, Associate Vice President, Customer Engagement Team, Analytic Partners

III. Cleaning up with a Data Clean Room: Shooting bullseyes with AI, Zero Party Data and Retail Media Networks (12:30-1:10PM)

Imteaz will take us a case study on how Reckitt has managed to deploy a data clean room solution to co-mingle brand first party data with retail data, to drastically improve ad efficiency. Learn all the capabilities from Category Management, Shopper marketing, eCommerce, and Retail Media and been combined in this new way of approach targeting in a privacy compliant manner.

Imteaz Ahamed, Director of Performance Marketing, Reckitt

IV. Experimenting with Email Personalization Efficacy when Using Implied Data Vs. Zero Party Data (1:10-1:50PM)

Corinna Cohen, Manager, CRM and Marketing Automation, NBC Universal

V. Closing Remarks (1:50-2:00PM)