B2B Committee - Virtual Meeting - Best of the Best in the 2020 B2 Awards


Start: Wednesday, September 30, 2020 at 11:00am

End: Wednesday, September 30, 2020 at 2:00pm


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Achieving a B2 Award signifies powerful work selected by a jury of over 100 industry leaders as a best-in-class example of B2B Marketing. In this virtual meeting, this year’s winners share their marketing strategies and campaigns that implemented advanced data technology, team collaboration and brand strategy to help elevate B2B marketing. Case studies highlight these B2 Award categories:

  • Coldwell will share how their focus on Customer Retention was enhanced by creating a system that allowed real estate agents to stay connected with their “sphere of influence”.
  • Intel explains how the Customer Experience was the driving force in executing an advanced AI powered wheelchair to lift the customer limitations.
  • Epiroc enhanced Employer Branding by building a new space that updated their corporate culture and sparked collaboration, innovation and change.
  • Deloitte shares how they achieved winning the prestigious B2B Large In-House Agency of the Year award and what they’ve learned through the process of creating an in-house agency.


11:00 – 11:10am

Gather and Kickoff

Bill Zengel
ANA - Business Marketing Practice


Shaakira Gladden
Associate Manager
ANA- Business Marketing Practice


11:10-11:40 am

Deloitte’s In-house Agency leaders discuss the development of their model and lessons learned along the way
Abstract: Deloitte’s Green Dot Agency (GDA), embraced the opportunity to stand up an in-house agency five years ago. Since then, this group of 300+ strategy, creative and production professionals have come together to walk a mile in their clients’ shoes, delivering world-class services and solving a unique set of business challenges all while building the Deloitte brand. In this panel discussion, we’ll hear from the leaders of the GDA as they walk us through how they serve up impactful work, what they’ve learned through the process, and how others can apply that to their own journey.

Key takeaways include:  

  • It’s the people who make it possible: 
    Talent is key – from life-long Deloitte veterans, to newly-minted college grads and experienced creative agency hires, located in almost every geography in the US.
  • We rally around our four core attributes – they are who we are and how we do what we do: We know the business:
    We’re empowered, trusted, effective advisers.
    We build the business and our brand with creative expertise.
    We think big, talk straight, and stand for each other.
  • We’re invested in the business because it’s our business:
    We are ready to listen, understand and deliver what our clients need because it’s what’s best for our business.
    We are unequivocally focused on doing what’s best for Deloitte and impacting our bottom line.


Kimberly McNeil-Downs
Leader- The Green Dot Agency


Teresa Martin
Managing Director- The Green Dot Agency



Jamie Ferreira
Executive Creative Director


Caitlin Blewett
Managing Director | Marketing Strategy Center of Excellence


Vincent Hulbert
Managing Director - Leader of Communications CoE



Becoming “United. Inspired.”

When the mining side of Atlas Copco, a large Swedish manufacturer of industrial equipment, transformed into the Epiroc brand, many employees struggled to adapt to a new company culture and were left in a state of uncertainty over Epiroc’s mission and values. For this start-up with a 140-year-old history, the challenge was to change internal perceptions, establish a well-defined culture and bring employees together, -- and leadership took steps to create an environment that brought the “United. Inspired.” brand promise to life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Culture is a two-way street: When creating a brand culture, turn to your people — because without people, there is no culture. To make it successful, the feedback should come from people and their pains, with leadership listening to and acting on it with full transparency.
  • Seeing is believing: Make the brand tangible and real. Branding is more than colors, fonts and a written brand promise: create an environment, an experience that people can see, touch, use, and be part of each and every day. Live and breathe the brand.
  • The brand value chain starts from within: Employer branding is the first building block in the brand value chain. Invest in the growth of the internal brand to transform customer mindset, market performance and shareholder value.



Mila Armer
Marketing and Communications Manager, Epiroc USA Customer Center


Megan Ratcliff
Account Director
Performance Marketing



Intel HOOBOX - What if a smile could move a wheelchair?

Through a partnership with HOOBOX robotics, Intel showcases the power of artificial intelligence and how the technology can be a force for good — helping people shake off their limitations and gain a sense of independence and confidence. Join us as Intel shares their tactics to help meet customer needs with the use of their AI technology in this 2020 B2 Award Customer Experience-Gold winning case study.


  • Make the target audience think differently about your product through compelling content that highlights the end user benefit.
  • By taking a human-centric approach, we were able to set our brand apart in a competitive landscape and showcase the real-world application of the Intel AI technology and Hoobox collaboration.
  • Collaboration is key to a successful creative and production development. When selecting partners, it’s important to not only evaluate based on skills and capabilities but their ability to work together with the agency and client.   


Brian Pike
Creative Director


Mark Butorac
Creative Director

Sneha Khanvilkar

Global Creative Marketing Manager


Stay Top-of-Mind with Clients

Clients-For-Life is a highly effective marketing program that puts real estate agents in touch with their contacts every month, automatically, and offers creative ways to connect with them. A calendar filled with exciting giveaways, charity drives, local events and seasonal activity guides is planned out and scheduled for the full year. Monthly emails about those events are designed to grab attention and give agents a compelling reason to reach out and offer something of value. This opportunity to check in often sparks conversations about real estate and referrals to friends or family who are planning to buy or sell a home.


  • Make the most of your #1 most valuable resource: your contact list.
  • Learn how to engage prospective clients in a way that is meaningful and beneficial to them, opening the door to a business conversation.
  • Apply these lessons to address a marketer’s biggest challenge – finding the time and means of reaching out to prospects.

Terrisa Nevin
Project Manager, The Strategy Studio
Coldwell Banker

Closing Remarks:

Bill Zengel
ANA - Business Marketing Practice

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