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Paul P. Robinson,
Director of the Content Marketing Committee – ANA

Election Day Roundtable: How can marketers use Content Marketing as a force for good?

I. Content is Universal, but Words Are Not: How to Manage Content Marketing Across Borders (11:35AM – 12:15PM)
Building a global content ecosystem can seem as speaking a new language overnight, but it's not impossible. To make it work, you need the right mix of people, budgets, technology, and (most importantly) trans-silo negotiation skills. Hear from Michael Goldberg as he shares what it takes to implement a successful global content ecosystem that feeds content across regions.

Michael Goldberg,
Editor-in-Chief, Content Marketing – Vonage 

II. Championing Charity During Crisis: How Ditching Product-First Messaging Helped Propel the Arizona Lottery to a Record-Setting Sales Year Amid a Pandemic (12:15PM – 12:55PM)
For nearly 40 years, the Arizona Lottery (AZL) has existed as an organization committed to supporting vulnerable populations and making Arizona a better place to live by funding more than a dozen critical state programs — a message that all too often gets lost in the glitz of multi-million dollar jackpots and new games.

However, as the COVID-19 pandemic, this all changed. The “Whole Lot of Good” campaign all but abandoned product messaging, instead opting for new strategies and tactics that highlighted how playing the lottery helps the community. With new broadcast, digital and social media assets that showed customers just how far their money is going when they play the lottery, and, in a clever use of unclaimed lottery prize funds, social media giveaways that dispersed $200,000 in cash giveaways to Arizona frontline workers and other residents in need of a monetary boost. The results were staggering. Join us to hear more.

Key Takeaways

  • Operational and creative lessons learned during this rapid-response campaign.
  • Insights about organizing multiple marketing disciplines under one cohesive message and strategy.
  • Learn how to get teams willing and even inspired to step away from product-first advertising, despite discomfort.
  • Understand how both individual and large-scale touch points can both deepen relationships with loyal fans and win new ones.

Chris Rogers,
Deputy Director of Marketing and Products – Arizona Lottery 
Chelsea Smeland,
Account Supervisor – OH Partners

WRAP-UP (12:55PM – 1:00PM)