Customer Experience Committee

Purpose of this group

  • Increasing the effectiveness of its (member) participants by transforming brand stewards into growth champions
  • Driving durable Shareholder growth defined through: promulgating and improving Customer LifeTime Value
  • Improving the understanding and communicating effectively with key internal customers with a coherent communications plan including the Board, CEO, CFO, COO, Sales, Technology, others.

Committee Leadership

  • ANA Business Marketing National Chair: Linda Brunner, Global Head of Digital Customer Experience, Siemens Healthineers
  • ANA Customer Experience Chair/Lead: Rob Markey, Partner, Bain
  • ANA Customer Experience Co-Chair: April Critchlow, Global Vice President and Head of Marketing, Success Factors, SAP

The ANA staff member managing the Customer Experience Committee is Bill Zengel.

Discussion Topics

  • How does your company currently measure and value “durable shareholder growth”?
  • How do you value your customer?
  • How do you measure that value?
  • How do you become a better business manager to help drive better decision making with your internal partners (presuming you are in marketing) — in the C-suite, on the board, in finance, in IT, in operations, and in sales?
  • What strategies, processes, tools, training and techniques  especially digital data and digital tools do you use  and which can assist you?

Leadership Initiatives

Study to create a common operating “key vocabulary” and shared standard(s)  widely known and commonly accepted throughout the business community whether product, marketer, finance, information technology, operations, management and/or boards of directors.

What is my commitment to this group?

The group will convene three times virtually in 2021, and (hopefully) one time in person. We ask you to participate in at least two of the four meetings, with one of the two being in person, potentially centered around ANA trademark Global Industry Conference (GIC).

Generally, meetings will purposely be kept to less than two hours, and we ask that you “be present” when you participate. Chairs, on a rolling basis, will make themselves available for two additional prep calls between the group meetings.

For the year in advance, the Chairs, in conjunction with ANA Leadership Staff, and the ANA Business Marketing Growth Council as relevant, will identify select “key” topics to be pursued throughout the calendar year 2021 whether as a rally point pillar for the entire year  to be determined and discussed at each meeting — or a single topic subject (and/or subject matter expert or desired speaker). The topics will align with at least one of the four ANA Growth Agenda priorities.

The group will start the year by developing an opportunity gap assessment survey to ascertain where in the spectrum  whether beginner or advanced they (each individual participating) and their company are located. Custom content will be developed on a first look basis that meets the gaps most often encountered by a majority of the members. We will explore  through social peer review and social proof  strategies, tactics, process, tools, techniques, and tips that participants can leverage whether to gain share, or close a gap.

In order to participate with this group, even for just one meeting or session, you will be asked to complete a short survey so that the group can orient around your unique understandings and business needs.

"The purpose of a business is to create customers and keep customers."
-- Peter Drucker

"Measure what matters."
-- John Doerr

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