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An exclusive benefit of ANA membership, the ASK Research Service dedicated team of researchers does the legwork for you: researches, distills, and organizes customized reports using ANA content and other licensed resources.


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Learn more about ASK, ANA's personalized research service and an exclusive benefit of ANA membership, in this brief overview.

Why ASK?

Time Savings

ASK gets the answers and information you need, saving you and your team significant time to focus on other objectives.

Workforce Multiplier

ASK's team of seasoned researchers can function as an additional resource when it's needed most.

Trusted Information

ASK uses established third-party sources, ANA proprietary content, and an expert marketer network to yield curated, high-quality information.


Your Questions, Answered

ASK has answered more than 3,000 questions in just the past year.

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    • What are the latest trends in agency compensation?
    • What percent of advertising spend, or marketing budget, goes to agency compensation?
    • What are best practices for using incentive-based compensation?
    • Do you have agency evaluation scorecards?
    • Can you provide the names of some award-winning agencies?
    • How do I choose an agency model?
    • How do companies use social media to reach B2B targets?
    • Do you have any materials on setting up an account-based marketing program?
    • What are best practices in lead and demand generation?
    • Do you have examples of other retailers' anniversary promotions?
    • Do you have any insights for the back-to-school shopping season?
    • How do you measure the effectiveness of brand activations?
    • How do brands measure brand health and success?
    • What actions are companies taking to ensure brand safety?
    • Do you have case studies on successful brand building?
    • What are the trends in media usage of millennial moms?
    • What are the shopping habits of Asian-Americans?
    • What kind of content resonates with gen Z?
    • Do you have case studies showing brands that have had success with AI?
    • How can my brand successfully leverage influencers?
    • How do we collect and manage first-party data in the death of the cookie?
    • Can you provide ratios of agency fees to production spend (working-to-nonworking ratios)?
    • Do you have information on marketing budget allocation?
    • What are the implications of cutting back on advertising spending?
    • What are current ranges for marketing salaries?
    • Could you provide me with job descriptions for a senior creative director?
    • What skill sets and capabilities do marketers need in today's digital environment?
    • How are companies leveraging AI for market research?
    • How is social media being used to generate consumer insights?
    • What are current trends and best practices in copy testing?
    • How are marketers measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing?
    • What is the ROI of awareness advertising?
    • What are the latest advancements in cross-media measurement?
    • What steps are marketers taking to get increased transparency in their digital media buys?
    • What are the pros and cons of managing in-house media buying?
    • How can I use attribution and marketing mix modeling?
    • What are best practices in managing talent agreements?
    • Do you have information on optimizing ad production dollars?
    • What are best practices to ensure production transparency?
    • Do you have information on measuring sports sponsorship ROI?
    • What are some case studies of successful sponsorships and partnerships?
    • Do you have a template for planning an event, such as a conference?


Customized Reports

ASK researchers will send you a customized report of hand-selected materials addressing your unique challenges within five to seven business days of receiving your question.

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On-Demand Answers