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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why should I get certified?
    While you may know how to perform your day-to-day job, having a full understanding of the entire marketing ecosystem is key to sustained career success. Whether your eye is set on your next promotion or your next company, a professional certification from the world's largest marketing association will give you an edge over your competition. It's credible proof to your employer that you value your work and are willing to learn new approaches to advance your skill set.

    CAMP certification ensures you have the right foundation to drive your own professional growth, which in turn leads to growth for your organization and our industry. 

  2. Who is this program for?
    Individuals: The CAMP certification is ideal for junior- to mid-level marketers who want a complete comprehension of the entire marketing process and/or their own role in the overall marketing lifecycle.

    Companies: The CAMP certification can be used for orienting new marketers and level-setting your teams.

  3. How do I keep my certification current?
    Effective November 1, 2023, there is a new process for how continuing education units (CEUs) are applied to your certification status. To keep your Certified ANA Marketing Professional (CAMP) certification current, you must complete 10 continuing education units (CEUs) for every year following the certification date. Under the new calculation method, your credits will be automatically applied to prior years where thresholds were not met. This will enable CAMP members who are behind in their CEUs to automatically advance certification years through normal consumption of qualifying CEUs. This new approach removes the need to request any extensions and your status will automatically be updated.

    For more details, contact or review our renewal requirements for CAMP.

  4. How do I know how many continuing education units (CEUs) I've earned toward my certification renewal?
    If you are logged in, you can review your continuing education units (CEUs) details in the "CAMP" section of the Member Welcome Center on the ANA home page. You can also see how many CEUs have been earned toward certification renewal on this page.

  5. What happens to my enrollment if my company’s membership tier changes?
    Enrollment pricing is based on your current membership tier. If your company membership tier changes, your access (and any new pricing) will be determined based on your current membership tier rather than the one you enrolled under. However, there are no refunds if you move to a higher tier with no fee.

    For more information on membership tiers, please review our frequently asked questions about ANA membership.

Still have questions? Contact for details.