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Certified ANA Marketing Professional

Combining comprehensive brand marketing strategy with customer-centric techniques and digital, data, and analytics training, the Certified ANA Marketing Professional (CAMP) program ensures that you and your team meet the ANA standard for today’s multi-faceted marketer.

With the ANA’s certification program, individuals and/or entire marketing teams will be activated to elevate their marketing campaigns with insight into marketplace drivers and best practices – from strategy to execution, to attribution and success metrics.

CAMP is a 100 percent online and on-demand certification that is accessible anytime, anywhere to all ANA members, and represents what all ANA marketers should know.  

What Is Involved In The CAMP Program?

The CAMP program is a rigorous, 35-hour online certification program that has been developed specifically with the ANA marketer in mind. Covering the entire marketing process, from brand strategy and brand activation to marketing implementation across digital, and analytic applications, CAMP represents the full spectrum of marketing activities that every marketer should be familiar with.

To earn your certification:

  • You must complete the 35-hour on-demand program.
  • You must complete and pass the 100-question certification assessment.
  • You must complete the program survey.

Once completed, you are CAMP-certified for one full year. For details on certification renewal for subsequent years, visit our Certified ANA Marketing Professional Certification Renewal Process page on the ANA website.

Learning Experience

This program includes courses with multiple formats and various levels of interactivity: fully interactive multi-media format, partially interactive narrated PowerPoint slide presentation format, and video-based lecture format with no interactivity. Active participation varies by course. All courses include assessments and only some have knowledge checks, activities, and resources/tools. See each course outline for more details.

Who is this Certification Program For?

Individuals: The CAMP certification program is ideal for junior- to mid-level marketers who want a complete comprehension of the entire marketing process and/or their role in the overall marketing lifecycle. Ideal for channel-focused marketers looking to have a comprehensive awareness of the marketing ecosystem, from brand strategy to implementation to success metrics. 

Companies: The CAMP certification can be used for orienting new marketers and level-setting your teams. Ensuring your teams are equally equipped and speaking the same language will enhance overall productivity and the ability to problem-solve creatively and quickly.

Certification Program Outline

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I. Marketing Strategy & Innovation

Course 1: Strategic Customer-Centric Marketing (approximately 120 min.)

Marketers today are pulled into product-centric thinking by the nature of their roles and by the many dynamics in the marketplace. This makes it difficult to get and stay focused on the customer, ultimately leading to wasteful marketing investments. This course will teach effective approaches to marketing strategy that enable your brand to set itself up for success and will give you insight into what you can do to build your brand and drive your business.  You will master a best practice strategic marketing framework that helps you to deliver powerful customer-centric marketing.

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II. Integrated Marketing & Planning

Course 2: Developing an Effective and Inclusive Multicultural Marketing Strategy (approximately 85 min.)

This course teaches participants how to create culturally competent and authentic marketing strategies, campaigns, and messages that connect with multicultural audiences. Participants will learn to build rapport with diverse communities, use cross-cultural conversations, and employ nontraditional distribution channels for greater effectiveness and results. They also will learn how to overcome the obstacles that hinder multicultural marketing campaigns, including fallacies and filters, and create effective message frames. Ultimately, participants will develop an actionable plan to improve future campaign strategies and enhance results. This course provides practical tools and strategies for marketing professionals to authentically reach and engage diverse audiences.

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Course 3: Integrated Marketing Planning and Execution (approximately 90 min.)

This course is focused on helping marketers to develop truly integrated marketing plans that provide a seamless customer experience across key touchpoints and achieve long-term value. You will learn how to develop a customer decision journey, explore touchpoint mapping, and create strategies that will deliver your brand promise effectively. This course is also focused on the practicalities of integrated marketing execution. You will study examples of integrated marketing best practices and tactics, and how to measure the impact of your integrated plan.

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III. Customer Centricity

Course 4: From Insights to Great Messaging (approximately 90 min.)

This highly engaging and interactive course focuses on marketing best practices and immediately applicable concepts, tools, techniques.  Specifically, participants learn a clear, direct insight definition, how to differentiate real from “faux” insights, how insights are discovered through a detailed understanding of our target audience, how breakthrough creative “ideas” are based on insights, how to assess, comment, and coach creative work to reinforce unique consumer insights. Participants leave with actionable concepts they can immediately apply to real-time marketing situations.

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IV. Brand Building

Course 5: The Art & Science of Brand Building (approximately 85 min.)

This course will help your brand compete and win in the marketplace by breaking down key components of brand building in a way that builds knowledge and reveals practical insights that you can apply to your brand and bottom line. This course provides tools and frameworks around what you need to know about your customers, how to establish an emotional connection with them, and what you need to analyze about your competition. With these insights in hand, this course shows you how to effectively position your brand and activate your brand experience.

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Course 6: The Purpose Advantage (approximately 90 min.)

We are in a new era of brand building. As the rules of this era are being written, it’s paramount that marketers understand and align on how to differentiate their brand and drive revenue. In this crowded marketplace, meeting strong standards in the four P’s is the cost of entry. Brand purpose — the 5th P – which the ANA defines as a brand’s reason to exist beyond profit, is playing an increasing role in the decision-making of modern consumers. But many brands are struggling to arrive at a brand purpose that will ignite the hearts and minds of customers and their workforce while honoring the brand’s history and reflecting its organic ethos.

V. Brand Activation

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Course 7: Brand Activations that Drive Results (approximately 90 min.)

In this course, you will utilize an Activation Planner to build an activation plan that you can take back to your organization and implement. The course will cover the key platforms for activating your brand - Brand Experiences and Events, Branded Content, Influencer Marketing, Sponsorships, Cause Marketing, Promotions, and Measurement. You’ll learn the core principles of each discipline and best practices for implementing a brand activation plan in your business.

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Course 8: Fast-Forward Your Content Marketing (approximately 120 min.)

Content marketing success lies in a company’s ability to align content efforts with business goals, and then plan and execute consistently. In this course, you will learn seven best practices to fast-forward your content marketing program and advance your content marketing to the next level, as you: develop a content marketing mission statement, create a one-page content marketing strategy, build clear, concise, consistent stories with a one-page message map, develop buyer personas to gain insights into the how and why of buyers’ behavior, map content to the buyers’ journey, learn to conduct a competitive content audit, and continuously improve content through all-in analytics.

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Course 9: Achieve Excellence with Your Relationship Marketing I (approximately 90 min.)

Join industry thought leader and Marketing Hall of Fame inductee, Ernan Roman, for this first of a two-part series on how to Achieve Excellence with Your Relationship Marketing, providing a VoC research-based understanding of how customers feel about today’s relationship marketing strategies, and shows how to use customer insights to drive effective and scalable relationship marketing strategies. The learning is designed for all marketers in B2B and B2C companies interested in achieving excellence in their relationship marketing. At the end of the course, you will learn how to rethink and reposition your organization to be less company-centric and more customer-centric to truly achieve relationship marketing excellence.

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Course 10: Achieve Excellence with Your Relationship Marketing II (approximately 90 min.)

Join industry thought-leader and Marketing Hall of Fame inductee, Ernan Roman, for this second of a two-part series on how to Achieve Excellence with Your Relationship Marketing, providing the best practices for deploying the essential elements of the omnichannel mix, and shows how to achieve high-value relationships at seven critical points across the customer lifecycle. The learning is designed for all marketers in B2B and B2C companies interested in achieving excellence in their relationship marketing. At the end of the course, you will have a better understanding of how to achieve high-value relationships at seven critical points across the customer lifecycle.

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VI. Creative Process & Briefs

Course 11: Inspiring Great Creative (approximately 120 min.)

This course will help you get the kind of powerful creative work that builds your sales overnight and builds your brand over time. You’ll be guided through the entire creative process, from writing the creative brief to judging creative work, giving the agency compelling feedback, and making all your communications more effective. Quite simply, this course will help you be a better client.

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VII. Agency Management

Course 12: Agency Management (approximately 60 min.)

Brand advertisers must demand increasingly more from the advertising and marketing service agencies they rely on to plan and execute breakthrough work from these relationships while simultaneously driving the dual agenda of effectiveness and efficiency. Clients want more, better, and faster work from their strategic relationships. Their ability to effectively manage these relationships is directly correlated to their ability to succeed in the marketplace. Yet the answers are not always obvious. Why do some relationships thrive while others miserably fail? What works and what doesn’t? What should brand advertisers do to set themselves up for continued success? This course is designed to help you answer those questions and develop the skills of an effective client leader or active user of agencies. 

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VIII. Digital Marketing & Media Strategy

Course 13: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (approximately 90 min.)

This course gives you the building blocks of digital strategy and important factors to executing your program. From social to mobile, online advertising to influencer marketing, you will explore key considerations that drive strategies for digital programs that build brand equity and consumer connections. And right now, that is more complex than ever.

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Course 14: Social Media Marketing (approximately 90 min.)

In this course, you will learn how to embrace a new and exciting communications paradigm to better understand the consumer decision-making process and how to best integrate and connect social media marketing techniques with real-world business objectives.

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Course 15: Mobile Marketing (approximately 70 min.)

Mobile marketing comprises a set of practices that enable organizations to communicate and engage in an interactive and relevant manner through and with any mobile device or network. This course provides a brief review of mobile core products and services, discusses best practice strategies and tactics, and examines the newest screens to take your mobile activity to new levels.

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Course 16: Search Engine Marketing (approximately 100 min.)

In this jam-packed course, you will learn how to navigate the Search Engine Marketing channel. The course overviews managing and developing effective paid search campaigns. Topics such as SEO (search engine optimization,) linking, PPC (pay-per-click), and keywords will be covered in just the right amount of detail for you to be actionable and dramatically increase rankings for your site.

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Course 17: Fundamental Email Marketing (approximately 90 min.)

Create profit- and lead-generating emails that stand out in overcrowded inboxes and learn the basic strategies and tactics for generating deliverable, responsive email marketing campaigns. In this course, you’ll gain an understanding of channel fundamentals, discover the importance of permission, learn ways to grow and manage subscriber lists, and discover how to conceptualize, design, and measure campaigns that contribute to your company’s bottom line.

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Course 18: Modern MarTech: Harnessing Technology to Enhance the Customer Journey (approximately 75 min.)

This course will help you understand the essential components of a marketing technology strategy, define how CMOs and other decision-makers should engage in the technology roadmap and vendor selection process, and help marketing executives and teams assess their new and evolving role as a technologist within the enterprise. The course provides practical frameworks and models to understand and optimize marketing technology to enhance the overall customer experience.

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IX. Data, Measurement & Analytics

Course 19: Marketing Measurement and Analytics (approximately 90 min.)

This course will cover how to establish and prioritize the right marketing KPIs that align with the business KPIs, how to work with internal teams to gather the right data to measure properly, and review how to analyze and interpret the analytics for insights to ensure both marketing and overall business alignment and growth.

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Course 20: Future Proof Your Data Privacy Strategy (approximately 75 min.)

Once a goldmine for personalization and successful marketing strategies, a brand’s customer data strategy can now threaten the health of brands that don’t get it right. This course will help you understand the regulatory and market force challenges that marketers must now navigate so you can build your future-ready consumer data strategy that balances personalization and privacy throughout the customer journey.

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Course 21: Data Storytelling: From Numbers to Narratives (approximately 90 min.) 

In today's economy, effective data communication is not just a perk but a necessity. Discover how to seamlessly combine the three central elements of data storytelling, data, narrative, and visuals for maximum effectiveness. This course introduces a Data Story Framework that will help you create data stories that influence decisions and drive change.

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Course 22: Measuring and Improving the Customer Experience (approximately 90 min.)

This course provides a step-by-step guide to measuring and optimizing customer experience (CX) efforts. CX is a critical competitive differentiator for brands, and understanding what, where, when, and how to measure it is crucial for success. Learn the processes and methods needed to measure and enhance your CX efforts effectively.

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In addition to completion of the courses, this certification program includes a certification assessment, certificate of completion, and digital badge carrying the date of certification which can be displayed on your resume, email signature, social media profiles, etc.

Estimated Length of Completion

Approximately 35 hours. This timing reflects basic run time, but seat time varies by user and could be significantly longer.

Courses/topics subject to updates, additions, and substitutions:

The following courses were removed on May 15, 2024
• Fundamental Measurement
• Data-Driven Analytics and Testing
The following courses were added on May 15, 2024
• Future Proof Your Data Privacy Strategy
• Data Storytelling: From Numbers to Narratives
The following course in this program was slightly re-designed on May 15, 2024
• The Art and Science of Brand Building

Please note, additional updates were made to the CAMP Certification Program between 2019-2023.

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