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How ANA IQ Works

Each ANA IQ open week features new content, beginning Monday at 9:00 a.m. ET and ending 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday. The platform will be open 24/7 during these days and times. Participants can stop by whenever their schedules permit and select any on-demand module(s) or participate in a live workshop.

Aug. 2, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. ET

Advanced AI Prompt Engineering for Marketers

Headshot of Cord Silverstein width=

Cord Silverstein

Founder and President
Advocacy Social

AI Across the Enterprise: Leveraging AI in Product, Research, and Strategy

Headshot of Michelle Froah

Michelle Froah

Global CMO and Innovation Officer

From FOMO to ROI: Getting Real About AI in Marketing

Headshot of Lu Cotterill

Lu Cotterill

Global Senior Director of Marketing Insights and Intelligence

Making AI Real: How IBM Is Using Gen AI to Transform Marketing

Headshot of Joe Rivas

Joe Rivas

Vice President, Global Brand, Creative and Content

Diageo: Fueling the Spirit of Women’s Sports

Headshot of Tracy Doyle

Tracy Doyle

Senior Vice President, Brands in Culture

Experience a transformational learning journey through curated modules developed by renowned marketing leaders.


Operating Like a Modern Marketer

Northwestern Mutual will unravel the nuances of connecting brand campaigns with tangible outcomes, emphasizing the importance of a synchronized approach to marketing efforts. Through real-world examples and practical insights, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how to bridge the gap between brand awareness and lead generation, driving meaningful business results.

Lynn Teo
Northwestern Mutual

Drive Boldly: How Michelin Puts Sustainability In The Fast Lane

Michelin delves into sustainability, with a spotlight on their strategic communication of its value proposition. Through real-life applications and tangible insights, we’ll explore how to effectively navigate market perceptions surrounding the costs of sustainable practices, segmented customers based on their sustainability priorities, and messages that resonate across diverse buyer personas.

Pierluigi Cumo
VP, B2B Marketing, North America

How to Succeed with AI in B2B Marketing: Practical Content Planning and Production Uses

Delve into the impact of generative AI on marketing practices and outline how teams can make use of today’s tools to create higher-performing campaigns by identifying key personas, adjusting messages by journey stage, building a repeatable style, and creating testable content in multiple formats.

Kathy Macchi
EVP of Innovation

Brian Schmid
Sr. Demand Gen Strategist

Overview of the 2024 ANA Masters of B2B Marketing Conference

In this video, get a two-minute overview of the 2024 ANA Masters of B2B Marketing Conference.

Untitled Document


The Right People and the Right Champion: How The Hatch Grew Its In-House Agency

The Hatch, built by uniting various creative teams to deliver outstanding business results for Cisco, has reduced its roster from 400 external agencies to 40, gaining a larger share of the workload. Three years ago, a new CMO boosted this in-house B2B evolution by emphasizing creativity in Cisco’s brand transformation, a journey highlighted by Patti Cocciolo, VP of global brand marketing, focusing on the importance of finding the right talent and growth champions.

Patti Cocciolo
Vice President Global Brand Marketing, Head of The Hatch

AI and Creativity

"AI" is a major focus in the industry, particularly in the creative sector, offering opportunities to bridge the gap between ideas and their realization while enabling scalable personalization. Andrew Robertson will discuss the current and future state of AI in advertising, emphasizing its potential for cost reduction and efficiency improvements for a procurement/financial audience.

Andrew Robertson
President and CEO, Worldwide
BBDO Worldwide

Driving Brand Connection and Impact With College Football Fans

To distinguish your brand in a crowded market, collaboration through contextual creativity and the extensive reach of live sports is crucial. Hampton by Hilton and FOX Sports’ College Football partnership exemplifies this by creating a multi-platform campaign with FOX Sports’ Content Studio, engaging fans across various mediums to boost engagement, awareness, and brand affinity.

Bryan McAleer
Senior Vice President, Digital Sports Partnership and Content Studio
FOX Sports

Jenn Sully
Senior Director, Global Brand Marketing Strategy

Northwell Health Finds Its Purpose in Combating Gun Violence

In 2019, guns surpassed car accidents as the leading cause of death among children in the U.S. This crisis prompted Northwell Health, New York's largest health care provider, and its agency partner, StrawberryFrog, to find a way to combat the epidemic.

Ali Demos
Group Strategy Director

Craig Konieczko
Senior Director, Brand Corporate Marketing
Northwell Health

Create Conversation About Your Brand, Not Just Effective Awareness

San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance, an international nonprofit, operates the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, empowering people to connect with nature and contribute to wildlife conservation. In response to a fragmented media landscape, the Alliance has launched impactful brand campaigns to deeply engage audiences, with CMO David Miller highlighting their commitment to saving species through expertise in animal care and conservation science.

David Miller
Chief Marketing Officer
San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

Kimberly-Clark’s Approach to the Media Pitch Process and Strong Agency-Client Relationships

Media represents the largest marketing investment for many companies, and Kimberly-Clark has shared practical strategies to drive organizational change and alignment in this dynamic landscape. By offering real-world examples and actionable insights on crafting effective pitches, identifying key stakeholders, and fostering collaboration, they demonstrated how to optimize media investments and enhance agency relationships.

Stacie Medley
Director of US Media

Unleashing the Power of "Gen Zalpha" in Marketing and Innovation with Claire's

This spring, Claire's launched The Collab, a bold evolution of its desire to empower consumers and invite them into the center of the brand to highlight their voices, talents, and creative expression for all to experience. Explore the strategic integration of younger creators, harnessing their fresh perspectives, digital prowess, and cultural influence to shape the future of the Claire's brand through the lens of the generations at the heart of it.

Meghan Hurley
Vice President, Global Brand Marketing

Reimagining the Client-Agency Partnership to Optimize Programmatic Media

Since joining Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) seven months ago, Katherine Freeley, head of the organization's media center of excellence, has noticed various opportunities to optimize the media strategy. Along with George Manas, CEO of OMD Worldwide — BI's agency partner — Freeley will discuss how she has reimagined the client-agency relationship to fully optimize the power of programmatic media as a growth driver. The pair also will cover agency-compensation models, weighing engagement versus ad quality standards, and more.

Katherine Freeley
Head of media center of excellence
Boehringer Ingelheim

George Manas
OMD Worldwide

The Case for Bringing Production Inside

In 2023, Bayer Consumer Health expanded the remit of its 4-year-old in-house agency (known internally as “ContentHaus”) to include decoupled production – effectively centralizing all third-party production management, from asset planning to pre-pro to post. This session will explain the business case for bringing production in-house, the process of building world-class production capability within the business, how Bayer and OLIVER work with Bayer’s roster of external AORs, and the scale, quality, and savings achieved.

Jennifer Reeder
Director In-House Content Production North America

Kristi VandenBosch
President, U.S.

We’re Not (Always) The Main Character

Brand purpose can mean putting your purpose before your brand. Taking a backseat to what and who you serve and why you’re there. Who are the heroes in your brand’s story? Often, it’s not you, your logo, product features or your leadership. We’re turning the page on what you’ve learned about great marketing. In this session we’ll discuss how to cast your purpose into brand storytelling as the main character.

Jen Leitman
Chief Marketing Officer

Refreshing a Heritage Brand

Ken Turner, CMO at Fanatics Collectibles, will discuss how he and his team refreshed the Topps brand, outlining how they were able to leverage existing assets in new ways to drive cultural relevance.

Ken Turner
Chief Marketing Officer
Fanatics Collectibles

How Brands Can Balance Structure and Creativity

SAP's Tim Hoppin provides concrete tips and lessons for balancing brand strategy with creative principles.

Tim Hoppin
Chief Brand and Creative Officer

How the OLLY Brand is Adapting with Certainty in an Uncertain World

In this webinar, learn about the challenges that the OLLY brand faces as it pioneers the placement of beautiful and effective products in the highly competitive vitamin and supplements category

John Nicholson
PhD, Chief Technology Officer
In4mation Insights

Sara Ellefson
Marketing Analytics Manager

Overview of the 2024 ANA In-House Agency Conference

In this video, get a two minute overview with the best takaways for the conference.



Aug. 2, 10:00 a.m. –  12:00 p.m. ET
Advanced AI Prompt Engineering for Marketers

An interactive workshop teaching participants how to optimally utilize AI across the marketing lifecycle to ensure alignment with brand guidelines, covering the safe and effective use of AI in data analysis.

Cord Silverstein
Founder and President
Advocacy Social

Marketing Procurement as an Attractive Career Path

Generative AI has transitioned from hype to practical application, with IBM using its AI and data platform, watsonx, to transform client businesses and its own operations as "Client Zero." Joe Rivas, head of Brand, Creative, and Content at IBM, discusses how IBM employs generative AI assistants and tools to reinvent its content supply chain, deliver customized global campaigns, and empower thousands of marketers daily, driving both client and internal marketing transformation.

Joe Rivas
Vice President, Global Brand, Creative & Content

Making AI Real: How IBM Is Using Gen AI to Transform Marketing

No industry is immune to the impacts of AI — embracing it is the only choice we have. ETS’s Global Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer Michelle Froah discusses how the education and workforce organization is leading from the front and working with AI across the enterprise.

Michelle Froah
Global CMO and Innovation Officer

Advertising as a Service to the Consumer

Lu Cotterill, global senior director of marketing insights and intelligence at Kellanova, delved into the critical steps needed to embed an AI strategy. She shared three successful AI use cases, exploring how these strategies can be structured and developed for scalability and returns that will pay off today and tomorrow.

Lu Cotterill
Global Senior Director of Marketing Insights and Intelligence

The Meat of Marketing: Sonny’s BBQ’s Data-Driven Journey into the Digital Age

In an era where digital transformation is pivotal, Peter Frey shared the journey of a brand with rich, traditional roots as it navigates through today's modern digital landscape. By developing new digital platforms, a refined customer experience, an extensive email consumer database, and research-driven persona building, Sonny's BBQ has officially entered its next chapter and is currently reaping the rewards. This session showcased how integrating cutting-edge data analytics can rejuvenate and redefine the essence of heritage brands, offering a roadmap to thriving in today's market.

Peter Frey
Chief Brand Officer
Sonny's BBQ

Creative Is Still the Big Fish in a Sea of Technology and Data

In a data-driven world where technology is becoming synonymous with marketing, it’s critically important that brands always lead with compelling creative as the central focus for any marketing campaign. Creative is still the key driver of growth and customer engagement where technology and data are key to amplifying that great creative and getting it to the right customer at the right time and place with the right message.

Marisa Thalberg
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
United Parks & Resorts

The Wall Street Perspective on Media Technology

Tim Nollen is a sell-side equity research analyst covering media technology, a broad and evolving landscape including ad tech and streaming services in addition to traditional advertising and media. He provides his insights on the industry and outlook for the future.

Tim Nolen
Director and Senior Analyst — Media, Entertainment, Advertising, and Adtech
Macquarie Bank

The Future of Marketing Effectiveness is AI-Driven

Shawn O’Neal, from leading global marketing effectiveness and foresight consultancy Gain Theory, explores how GenAI will transform marketing measurement by helping marketers better understand their target audience, optimize their campaigns in real-time, and ultimately drive better business results.

Shawn O'Neal
CEO of Americas
Gain Theory


How McDonald’s Revolutionized Asian American Marketing

Recently recognized as AIMM's "Most Culturally Inclusive Brand" among Asian Americans, McDonald's excels in engaging this influential segment by leveraging anime, Kpop, AI, and VR. This webinar showcases how McDonald's innovative blend of culture and technology sets a new standard in multicultural marketing.

Ryan Worthy
Director of Brand, Content, and Culture

Telly Wong
Chief Content Officer and Senior Vice President
IW Group

Diageo: Fueling the Spirit of Women’s Sports

Despite massive sports audiences, women's representation in sports — and in sports media — is not yet universal. Learn how Diageo utilizes sponsorships and partnerships to create acts in culture that drive visibility and celebrate the strides of progress being made in women's sports today.

Tracy Doyle
Senior Vice President, Brands in Culture

We’re Not (Always) the Main Character

Brand purpose means prioritizing your purpose over your brand, focusing on what and who you serve and why you're there. In brand storytelling, the heroes are often not your logo, product features, or leadership, but the purpose and those you serve.

Jen Leitman

Financial Futures: From Elevating Women to Engaging Gen Z

Anomaly has guided Ally in crafting a future-forward brand, fostering customer affinity through initiatives like its 50/50 pledge for equal ad spend and disruptive marketing strategies aimed at Gen Z, while integrating cutting-edge technology. Join Ally and Anomaly for a discussion on how this financial services leader has cultivated a cult following in a traditionally mundane sector, and what lessons marketers from all industries can glean from their approach.

Bridget Sponsky
Executive Director of Brand Marketing
Ally Financial

Karina Wilsher
Partner and Global CEO
Anomaly New York


Talent Strategies to Maximize Your Creative Output

Managing your team size and budget against the ever growing list of project requests is more challenging than ever, however there is a solution. Learn how an array of managed solution options can save your budget and allow your team members to do the work they love while retaining full control of all creative work.

Sophy Regelous
Vice President — Managing Director, Consulting

Maria Sommer
Director, Talent Solutions

Marketing Procurement as an Attractive Career Path

Marketing procurement leaders discussed how marketing procurement can serve as both a talent magnet and an attractive career path that can open various professional doors. From importing top industry minds to influencing the C-suite and boardroom, they explored the trajectory of marketing procurement careers, reviewed some of the challenges, and offered valuable advice on maximizing opportunities.

Alice Tomlinson
Manager, Global Marketing Sourcing

Jose Gonzalo Bisquerra Mora
Vice President Procurement for Americas and Global Marketing, Sales & Tech

Todd Wilson
Director, Media, Sales and Marketing Procurement

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