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82% of Marketers Believe Brands Should Increase LGBTQ+-Inclusive Marketing

ANA Study Highlights Advancements and Challenges That Persist With LGBTQ+-Inclusive Marketing

NEW YORK (MARCH 28, 2024) – An overwhelming majority of marketers (82%) believe that there is still substantial room for growth in LGBTQ+-inclusive marketing efforts, a new study conducted by ANA found.

The study, “LGBTQ+ Marketing Inclusion,” revealed that marketers believe LGBTQ+-inclusive marketing delivers benefits, including positively impacting brand perception (97%) and increasing brand loyalty (83%). Yet despite a large majority recognizing these benefits, only 55% of marketers actively marketed to or included the LGBTQ+ community in their marketing in the past year.

“This report not only provides a snapshot of the current landscape of LGBTQ+-inclusive marketing but also acts as a catalyst, urging the marketing industry to persistently embrace and champion diversity,” said Bob Liodice, CEO, ANA. “The message is clear: there is both a need and an opportunity for deeper inclusion strategies with LGBTQ+ consumers. As the industry moves towards a more inclusive future, those committed to turning these insights into actionable strategies will drive brand engagement and business growth.”

Key findings from the report include:

  • More Marketers are Embracing LGBTQ+ Marketing But There’s Room for More
    Almost all (93%) of marketers think it is important for the LGBTQ+ community to be visible in advertisements, an increase from 2021 when 79% of marketers thought the same. The study also found that 82% of marketers think more positively about a company that actively markets to or includes the LGBTQ+ community in their advertising, an increase from 2021 when 66% of marketers thought the same. However, in 2021, 98% of marketers noted they saw an increase of LGBTQ+ in advertisements over the past three years, while this latest report found that number decreasing to 64% of marketers.  
  • Marketers Face New Challenges Around LGBTQ+-Inclusive Marketing
    The top challenge marketers faced in the past year around executing LGBTQ+-inclusive marketing campaigns included difficulties in identifying brand-safe environments for their LGBTQ+-inclusive marketing campaigns (39%) and concern of potential consumer blowback (39%). When the study was previously conducted in 2021, the top challenge preventing marketers from being more inclusive was concern they would get it wrong (50%). However, this recent study found that concern has waned, with only 25% of marketers considering it as a challenge. Similarly, in 2021, 44% of marketers noted budget limitations as a challenge to implement LGBTQ+-inclusive marketing campaigns, yet only 29% of marketers saw it as a challenge over the past year.
  • Marketers Using Select Targeted Media for LGBTQ+-Inclusive Marketing Campaigns
    According to the study, most of the creative that featured LGBTQ+ casting was found on the internet and in more targetable media, including social media (86%), websites (66%), digital and retail media (66%), and influencer generated content (55%). However, only 34% of marketers used LGBTQ+-targeted media in their marketing mix.

“These insights underscore a pivotal moment for our industry,” said Greg Wright, Senior Vice President of Brand & Media, ANA. “We’re witnessing a transformative shift towards genuine LGBTQ+ inclusion, yet the path forward is not clear of obstacles and requires a committed, nuanced approach to truly reflect and embrace this diverse community.”

“LGBTQ+ Marketing Inclusion” was conducted through August and September 2023, and surveyed ANA’s advertiser/client-side marketer members to understand the breadth of LGBTQ+-inclusive advertising and support for the community overall. The report includes qualitative feedback provided by the survey’s 101 participants, as well as considerable takeaways and resources. A copy of the full study can be accessed at


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