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Maximize Productivity through Effective Employee Engagement (201) (Virtual)

Effective Leadership Mastery Program 201
(Virtual Half Day Workshop)

Virtual Workshop Description
This workshop explores signature ways “beyond dollars” to drive employee engagement and reinforce culture in an organization. It begins with an introduction to the concept of employee engagement and its importance for the success of the organization for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Increased productivity: Engaged employees are more productive because they are committed to their work and are motivated to achieve the company's goals.
  2. Lower turnover: Engaged employees are less likely to leave their jobs, which reduces turnover costs and helps retain institutional knowledge.
  3. Higher profitability: Engaged employees are more committed to their jobs and are willing to put in extra effort to achieve the company's goals, which can lead to increased profitability.

The facilitator will lead a discussion on the three B’s (building, belonging, becoming) that contribute to employee engagement. The workshop will provide practical tips and tools for managers and leaders to use in their day-to-day interactions with employees to foster engagement.

The workshop will examine how to sustain employee engagement over the long term. Attendees will learn about the importance of ongoing communication, measurement, and evaluation to ensure that engagement efforts are effective and sustainable.

Attendees will walk away with knowledge of the key drivers of employee engagement such as onboarding, team building, flexibility, recognition, and empowerment. They’ll be able to introduce actionable ideas for their teams, little things that will increase engagement, improve retention, and maximize retention.

This is the second installment in the ANA’s four-part series “Effective Leadership Mastery Program”, where participants learn tested strategies to empower their teams to thrive and foster a powerful culture for business growth.

Target Audience
This virtual workshop is for people managers who want to create more engaged and dynamic teams that drive growth for the organization.

Virtual Workshop Benefits
The benefit of attending this workshop falls under the following key driver of growth: improving team capabilities.

This workshop helps attendees improve an organization’s effectiveness and advances attendee’s careers by teaching them:

  • Tools: Get equipped with the I.D.E.A. process for employee experience design.
  • Skills: Understand how to develop programs that address building, belonging, and becoming.
  • Empathy: Gain a deeper appreciation for the needs, desires, and expectations of employees.

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  • Stan Phelps

    Stan Phelps, CSP® is the founder of, a consultancy that works with organizations to win the hearts of their customers and employees. He is also a TEDx Speaker, the author of 18 books, and a former Forbes contributor. His work today is focused on the value of customer experience as a competitive differentiator and the importance of employee engagement in building a strong corporate culture.