Strategies for Creative Problem Solving - Virtual

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Seats are limited and confirmation of attendance will be required in advance of the session.

Strategies for Creative Problem Solving is not your typical workshop. It’s an energizing, high-impact, interactive experience designed to systematically unlock the creative potential of each participant in order to solve complex problems, seize opportunities and realize profound economic success! You will learn how to think differently through an ideation framework that can be deployed to solve any challenge, big or small.

In this half-day virtual workshop, you will learn the core mindsets of an innovator required to effectively succeed in today’s hyper-competitive environment. Unlike traditional learning workshops focused on theory, this workshop will apply proven methodologies and techniques to solve real-world business challenges and opportunities! You will walk away with a unique set of tools that you can begin to use immediately to create revolutionary new products and services and create disruption in your industry…and ideas to help solve your business’ greatest challenge!

Target Audience
This workshop is designed for teams and individuals who seek to unlock their creativity and apply it toward solving marketing challenges and opportunities. Whether you already work in a “creative” industry or are looking for creativity and innovation to drive new competitive advantages for your business, Strategies for Creative Problem Solving will provide you with a structured framework to inspire your imagination and generate hundreds of new breakthrough ideas!

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  • Welcome & Overview (5min)
  • Making the Case for Creativity (25min)
  • Energizer #1 (10min)
  • Mindset #1: Every Barrier Can Be Penetrated (10min)
  • Technique #1: The Judo Flip (20min)
  • BREAK (10min)
  • Energizer #2 (5min)
  • Mindset #2: Video Killed the Radio Star (10min)
  • Technique #2: The Borrowed Idea (25min)
  • Mindset #3: Fall Seven, Stand Eight (10min)
  • Technique #3: SCAMPER (20min)
  • Bonus Technique: Option X (15min)
  • Closing (15min)



Sara Frasca

VP, Innovation Enablement, Platypus Labs

Sara is Vice President of Innovation Enablement at Platypus Labs, a global innovation enablement, invention, and consulting firm. She helps leading organizations cultivate human imagination, build a culture of innovation, and solve complex problems in creative ways. Sara is a go-to resource for leaders seeking competitive advantage and sustainable success by harnessing innovation.

She started her career at General Mills, helping to build and launch a variety of successful brands. As an Account Director at HelloWorld, she was at the forefront of the digital boom, strategically leading Fortune 500 clients through their transformation. In 2014, she decided to harness her entrepreneurial spirit, leading to the launch of Trasca & Co Eatery, a hyper-successful business in Jacksonville, Florida.

Her passion for creativity and service, mixed with her corporate and start-up experience make her a great asset to help organizations navigate a multitude of business challenges. Sara was named Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Jacksonville, Florida and sits on the Board of Directors for the Jacksonville University Davis College of Business.