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Project Management for Project Leaders - Virtual

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Seats are limited and confirmation of attendance will be required in advance of the session.

Getting stakeholders aligned with the functions and best practices throughout each stage of a project is paramount to success – and often difficult. Participants often have disparate interests in the stakes of the management, processes, and outcomes of projects. At times, it can feel that these diverse stakeholders have competing goals—or even worse—they can seem like obstacles to each other’s successes.

This workshop, presented by an expert in the field of project management, equips teams and cross -functional partners with the necessary skills, tools, and insights to manage projects and achieve outcomes successfully. Common project and process management tools and methodologies will be introduced, along with a deeper dive into project management fundamentals, particularly the conceptual and planning phases. Additionally, this session will provide a holistic overview of risk during which strategies will be provided to best plan for and mitigate the impacts from small disruptions to outright disasters. Participants will also “process map” a project that involves active skill practice that includes, but is not be limited to creating tasks, establishing milestones, estimating time, identifying stakeholders, classifying resources, and evaluating risk.

This workshop provides an overview of project management, including its typical attributes, terms, and trajectories, along with the most common tools and methodologies to support its planning and execution stages. A deeper dive into project management fundamentals, particularly the scoping and conception phases, also gets covered. Additionally, this workshop provides a holistic overview of risk from a variety of angles. Strategies will be given to best plan for, mitigate and survive small disruptions to outright disasters.

Target Audience
This workshop is ideal for anyone who manages, plans, or aspires to manage a complex project.

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  • Setting the Stage (5min)
  • The Discipline of PM: Overview (5min)
  • Fundamentals (30min)
  • The Conceptual Stage (40min)
  • Break (15min)
  • The Planning Stage (60min)
  • The Execution State (15min)
  • The Termination Stage (5min)
  • Closing (5min)



John Mancuso

John Mancuso, Owner/Founder of Authentic Communication Matters, a learning and development consultancy, has provided learning solutions for several clients in public and private industries, including but not limited to: Grubhub, IDC Group, Prudential Financial, Atlantic Healthcare, San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, New York Presbyterian Hospital Networks, Fanny Mae, New York State Department of Transportation, Utah Transit Authority, Missouri Department of Transportation, Lennox International--and New York City’s most innovative cultural landmark, The High Line. He last served in house as Director of Curriculum and Professional Development or North America’s largest transportation agency, the New York City Transit Authority (MTA) where he wrote and executed an emerging leader series to offset the exodus of 44% retirement-eligible employees. Before Transit, John consulted for Cengage Learning, where he facilitated peer-to-peer professional development and served as keynote speaker at post-secondary institutions and national conferences. He started his career as an administrator, academic Chair, and writing and literature instructor at the postsecondary level.