List Management and Best Practices 101

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We know how hard you work to get those subscribers. And for most businesses, email marketing is their top marketing channel. That's why if your messages aren't reaching the inbox it can cause big trouble for your business. The spam folder is a terrible place to be if you're an email marketer. How confident you are that your emails are being delivered to the inbox and if not are related to list management practices.

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Start: Friday, November 8, 2019 at 2:00pm

End: Friday, November 8, 2019 at 3:00pm



Esther Chung
Deliverability Strategist | Trendline Interactive

Esther has been in the deliverability scene for over seven years, starting her career as a Deliverability Advisor with Mailchimp’s Compliance department. Using her investigative savviness, she has battled malicious spammers and also educated customers on email marketing best practices to avoid common pitfalls such as non-permission, stale lists, and branding discrepancies. She went on to pioneer the Mandrill Compliance team before becoming a Senior Deliverability Advisor with Mailchimp, training future Advisors on email marketing and planning infrastructure changes within the company. Since then, she has moved to Trendline as a Deliverability Strategist, utilizing previous experience with anti-spam practices along with technical backend implementation in order to improve deliverability for businesses seeking help getting their emails into the inbox.

Dennis Dayman
Industry Data Protection Officer

Dennis Dayman has more than 25 years of experience combating spam, security/privacy issues, data governance issues, and improving email delivery through industry policy, ISP relations and technical solutions. Previously as Return Path’s chief privacy and security officer, Dayman leveraged his experience and key relationships to provide best practices to Return Path, its customers, and ensures the compliance of their communications data flows. He is also responsible for coordinating and managing Return Path’s international electronic commerce, privacy and internet-related policy issues. He is a longstanding member of several boards and advisory committees within the messaging industry and also sits on several advisory boards for internet companies and is also a partner, mentor, and frequent investor in start-ups..

Jill Guest
Sr. Marketing Manager, Customer Growth | Twilio SendGrid Inc.

Jill is Sr. Marketing Manager at Twilio, focused on the retention and growth of Twilio SendGrid’s customer base. Having been with SendGrid since 2011, she has been able to form the email marketing strategy of the brand from the ground up and has a passion for coaching customers on how to be white-hat senders and earn the love and loyalty of their recipients. In addition to crafting effective nurture strategies and multi-channel marketing campaigns, she also serves as a subject matter expert for much of Twilio SendGrid’s content efforts. Jill holds a Bachelor’s in Environmental Design and an M.B.A. from the University of Colorado.