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We Published a Story Last Month About Reddit, AMA

March 2, 2020

By Andrew Eitelbach

Johnce/Getty Images

The internet can be a tough crowd.

Assemble some of its most active, knowledgeable, and engaged users in a single website and it can be downright brutal.

But that’s just what Reddit is. Home to 430 million active users commenting, sharing, and often generating memes that take over the web, Reddit is now actively courting any brand daring enough to step onto its very daunting stage.

A regular spot for celebrities to promote their new projects — especially as part of the site’s signature “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) format, in which guests participate in a no-holds-barred Q&A session — the site is gaining traction among conventional brands as well. Both Audi and the NFL have engaged with Redditors in the past few years, and the site is working with Oracle Data Cloud to improve the environment for brands.

If you haven’t already read it, you should check out our story on Reddit.

More highlights from February:

  • Brand Managers Face a World of Problems. What works in Wisconsin can fall flat in France, but does that hold any significance for brands that don’t typically play in those markets? A new report argues it does. In fact, as a recent ANA story explains, “Even brands that may not see themselves as global are operating in a more tightly connected global ecosystem. As a result, the challenges of being a global brand extend to a larger number of marketing leaders." With perspective from marketing executives at IBM and Emerson, this story makes the case for why it’s critical that brands think global.
  • Purposeful People Series: Beth Ford. From de-tasseling corn for $2 an hour to running a dairy cooperative with $14 billion in net sales, Beth Ford, CEO of Land O’Lakes, knows what it takes to move food from farms to tables. “At Land O'Lakes, we're working toward solving one of the grandest challenges of our time: how we're going to feed an estimated 10 billion people by 2050,” she explains in an interview with ANA’s ANA magazine. “It's a big challenge, but an exciting one, and doing this while championing our rural communities is something I'm extremely proud of and thankful for.” Here, Ford discusses her role at Land O’Lakes, her mission to put the 99-year-old brand at the forefront of feeding the world, her take on facial recognition for cows, and more.
  • Six Is the New 30. Research shows it takes about six seconds to synthesize and process the biochemicals that make up a human emotion. That creates a window of opportunity for marketers to — HEY LOOK AT THIS DOG — grab a distracted consumer’s heart strings and pull as hard as they can. "Brands are often surprised at how much they can communicate in a brief but memorable six-second message," says Nick S. Rose, product manager at YouTube Ads. In this ANA magazine article, industry experts from Subaru, Unruly, and Grey West, among others, give their perspective on how to make an effective six-second ad.

Also, be sure to catch up on the latest industry trends contributed by ANA partners in ANA magazine. February’s contributions include:

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