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Growth and Opportunities in Content Marketing

July 15, 2020

By Paul P. Robinson

Red Deer/

This week, the ANA released the new white paper, "Growth and Opportunities in Content Marketing," based on a 2019 survey. The ANA partnered with the Content Council to conduct the study which revealed that over a two-year period, spending on content marketing showed a 73 percent average budget increase. The report also projected a 42 percent spending hike two years in the future.

The study defined content marketing as "the discipline of creating content, on behalf of a brand, designed with the specific strategy of influencing the intended target audience to drive quantifiable profitable results.”

Respondents also showed their commitment to content marketing has grown substantially over the past two years with 52 percent indicating a "strong commitment" — double the figure from two years prior (26 percent). Content marketing also commands a substantial portion (18 percent) of overall marketing budgets, according to respondents' current estimates of total spending.

Of course, with an increase in content marketing spending expected in the coming two years, the pressure is on. Larger budgets come with more scrutiny. And it’s imperative that every piece of content created serves the greater goal. The report covers many ways content marketers can achieve success, including:

  1. Consolidate the responsibility for content marketing.
  2. Be authentic.
  3. Think like storytellers, then elevate that to think like “storydoers.”
  4. Develop measurement rigor.
  5. Take the content marketing maturity assessment.
  6. Have a clearly documented content strategy.

The report is available here.

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