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They Said It at the ANA Brand Activation & Creativity Conference

September 2, 2021

By Mike Kaufman


The ANA Brand Activation & Creativity Conference, presented by TikTok, just wrapped. This year's theme was all about creativity, and here are some key takeaways from conference speakers.

  • "Sequencing assets along the customer journey brings the message to life in a way consumers can relate to at all steps." — Laura Brewick, Serta Simmons Bedding
  • "It's critically important to have diverse backgrounds and experiences to develop good creative." — Kamau Akabueze, Engine Shop
  • "Use key cultural moments, partnerships, and well-known celebrities to communicate benefits in creative, immersive/engaging ways." — Andrew McKechnie, Verizon
  • "Move the big idea out of the war room — move in front of the consumer across all channels." — Ken Osberg, ECHO Incorporated and Sarah Cucchiara, BrandMuscle
  • "Extending the narrative will move the brand engagement needle and ensure authenticity to your audiences — all key to increasing brand love." — Penny Wise, 3M
  • "Find authentic relationships — look for passion — and seek true partnerships that are mutually beneficial." — Fernando Arriola, Chicago Bears Football Club
  • "Have a genuine stance, in our case about imagination, and live it. Don't just say, do, and prove it over and over." — Fernando Herrera, Sun-Maid Growers of California
  • "A strong upfront strategy leads to clarity in creative communication. Optimize and scale as soon as possible." — Garrett McGuire, Merrell and Darick Maasen, Blue Chip
  • "The brand has been built on amazing consumer experiences, with physical connections, so during COVID we needed to creatively bring the experience to consumers." — Borja Manso Salinas, Heineken
  • "The future of influencer marketing includes expansion of virtual influencers and entering the metaverse." — Leah Marshall, ANA
  • "The diversity of our community, their quest for connection, and their desire to discover something new is what drives trends and builds real cultural moments daily." — Jen Burkey, TikTok
  • "An approach of 'yes and' — quick ideating to get what rises to the top, with co-creating in the moment — is a new way to ideate gaining insights from an audience." — Butch Jerinic, Second City
  • "Combine behavioral science and consumer insight to better understand the decision-making process. Creative comes from insights — given context — that is designed to motivate behavior." — Jami Guthrie, McDonald's and Tania Wendt, The Marketing Store
  • "Profits follow purpose. Ask why you exist, and then design and measure your culture so you can focus on creativity and innovation." — Robert Pasin, Radio Flyer
  • "Make marketing human — life is different. There's a new normal where you need to deliver real value and create memorable experiences." — Sarah O'Grady, Valassis, a Vericast Business
  • "Brands spend $2 in activation for every $1 spent on sponsorship and need a better way to measure their investments." — Adam Grow, KORE Software and Scott Tilton, Hookit
  • "What got you here won't get you there — don't get complacent! The power of beauty is to help make the world a better place — bring optimism — self-expression, self-care, and togetherness." — Karla Davis, Ulta Beauty
  • "Constraints often lead to the best creativity." — Stacy Martinet, Adobe
  • "Reflect on the past to inform the future and stay curious. Make time to think and ponder. Get more comfortable with being bored." — James Gregson, The LEGO Group
  • "[Build] back better by reflecting our culture, connecting to consumers, recognizing our shared humanity, and impacting our world." — Brad Alperin, dentsu
  • "To activate a brand asset with purpose, really do your research to find a deep insight — be authentic, take a long-term lens and have great partners that are collaborative." — Jon Sullivan, Aflac, Carol Cone, Carol Cone ON PURPOSE, and Aaron Horowitz, Sproutel

For more, members can find conference videos and presentations through the past event's agenda.

Mark your calendars for the 2022 ANA Brand Activation Marketing Conference.

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